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Feature Preview: Ambassadors on Twitter

We told you Ambassadors on Twitter was coming in our Season Four Launch Post earlier this month, and the time to deliver on that promise is fast-approaching! While the tool that will allow Ambassadors a new way to interact with fellow gamers won’t go live until next week, we wanted to give our wider community an early look at how they’ll be able to get started earning XP for their Tweets. And that’s what this post is for!

Once the feature launches, you’ll want to head over to our Join page to sign up and gain access to the Ambassadors on Twitter tool. From there, we’d suggest:

  • Authenticating your Twitter account with Microsoft. This allows you to start unlocking XP for Tweets and can be completed using the tool. And no need to worry about authenticating every time! It’s only required at sign up or if you decide to use another Twitter account for Tweeting as an Ambassador.
  • Familiarizing yourself with the various features of the tool. We’re quite proud of this tool and everything it offers. Now, our Ambassadors will be able to easily access Xbox-related Tweets in the “Catch All” section, determine how they want to engage with a certain Tweet (taking it or saving it for someone else), pass conversations to Official @XboxSupport Agents by using the “Escalate” button and use shorthand keystrokes (called “Macros”) to quickly address easy questions.
  • Trying out Ambassadors on Twitter in its desktop and mobile views. That’s right, Ambassadors! It’ll be easier than ever to connect with others at home or on the go thanks to this new tool.

Interested in a few best practices for engaging others on Twitter? We’ve got you!

  • Always select Tweets you feel comfortable answering. We totally understand the desire to help out as many people as possible, but remember that there are other Ambassadors who will be using the tool as well! So if you come across a Tweet you’re not sure how to answer, there’s nothing wrong with saving it for someone else.
  • Don’t fret about shooting a conversation over to @XboxSupport. You might come across a topic you feel comfortable engaging and then find it’s more complicated than it originally seemed. If that’s the case, be sure to make use of the “Escalate” button, which will shoot the conversation straight to @XboxSupport’s queue.
  • Utilize the built-in settings to make your Tweeting experience more comfortable. We want your Ambassadors on Twitter experience to be a unique and enjoyable one, so be sure to change the Theme based on your preferences and don’t forget to program in your own Macros.
  • Treat others the way you want to be treated. Given the public nature of Twitter and the emotional responses that come out of needing assistance with something, we’d like to remind all Ambassadors to stay patient and kind as they engage others as they engage others on Twitter. We’re proud of how friendly and supportive our community has proven to be and see this as just one more space to demonstrate that.
  • Remember that Direct Messages aren’t routed to the tool. Only public Tweets are accessible in the conversation panel, so if it seems like you might be missing something contextually, you might have been sent a Direct Message.

We hope you enjoy this new tool when it goes live! We’re looking forward to seeing what you’re able to do with 140 characters or less, Ambassadors, and are stoked to see you engaging with the wider Xbox community in yet another new way.

Oh, and one more thing: Since this is a new tool, we’re counting on all of you to let us know how we can improve upon it. Please be sure to post your questions in the Xbox Ambassadors Forums, report bugs using the “Report a Bug” tool, and in the event of an outage, Tweet @XboxSupport.


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