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Meet our Alpha Xbox Ambassadors

Alpha Ambassadors are reliable advocates for the Xbox Ambassador community who go above and beyond to help make the Xbox Ambassador Program safe, fun, and engaging for all those who participate. Alpha Ambassadors are a select group of Ambassadors who are highly trusted by the Xbox Ambassador Team, subject matter experts on all things Ambassadors, and always willing to help.

Say hello to the Alpha Xbox Ambassadors

Take a chance to learn more about our current Alphas who do an awesome job at ensuring all Ambassadors are taken care of and who always find a way to be part of our Ambassador community every day.

Mistress Sara

Hi, my gamertag is Mistress Sara, but I go by Mistress, Sara, or Mistress Sara in games depending on how well people know me. I’ve been on Xbox Live since the OG Xbox (which I still have). I love platformers and puzzle games. I do okay at FPS and racing games but prefer playing them with friends. It’s much more entertaining for others that way.



Hi! I’m Smwutches! I’m super excited to be part of the Xbox Ambassador Program and now an Alpha! I’ve been around the forums for almost 10 years and an Ambassador since 2012. I love this community. Not many people know, but it has helped me through some hard times over the past few years, so I’m glad to be able to give back any way that I can. I’ve been a gamer since I was in the womb (thanks Pac-Man) and it’s always been my favorite hobby, even if I haven’t had time to devote to it. Outside of gaming, I’m just your typical geek who loves all things Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Team Starkid, etc., and following my Nashville Predators!



Bowski has been an Xbox Ambassador since 2010. She got the nod to become an Alpha Ambassador in 2013 and has been working hard to help the Xbox Community ever since. Along with her duties as an Alpha, Bowski is also a moderator on the Xbox forums on the Microsoft Community forums, Xbox Insiders subreddit, and she has been an Xbox MVP since 2015. When she’s not gaming, she’s probably organizing her Funko collection while watching the Bruins and reciting quotes from Star Wars and Harry Potter.



Hello my name is Kiesey. I have been an Xbox Ambassador since 2010. When I started, I was pretty active in the Xbox forums, then later on we had chat become available and I was pretty active in helping gamers there also. In November 2013, I was asked to become an Alpha Ambassador. I love being a part of this amazingly passionate community. I love to help and to bring more gamers together by making sure they can play the games they love. I mostly play shooters—my favorites being the Gears of War series. I host Xbox Playdates Canada along with two other gamers on the XboxPlaydatesCA Mixer channel every week. Feel free to add me on Xbox Live. Outside of gaming I spend time with my family and friends.



Being an Ambassador means helping fellow players. Being an Alpha means helping Ambassadors do that. Smwutches and Mistress Sara were both welcoming and sources of inspiration for me when I joined the program as a new Ambassador and I am so happy to see them today stepping into the Alpha Ambassador role. I know they will do great things because they have been for years already.



I’ve been in the Xbox Ambassador Program since November 2010, and eventually was invited to join the Alphas. I’m so fortunate to be part of such an amazing team full of some of the most passionate people I’ve known. I’m also a member of the Xbox Ambassadors stream team (Reboot with Zoot), Xbox Playdates Canada, and an Xbox MVP since 2015. When I’m not gaming or at work, I’m usually out with friends, or trying my best to stay active with hobbies like martial arts or a friendly game of Ultimate Frisbee.



Hey all, RandyAU93 here! I became an Xbox Ambassador in May 2012 and was asked to join the Alphas in December 2014. I can’t tell you how much of an honor it was, since it gave me a higher profile to do what I was already doing—helping my fellow Ambassadors. If I wasn’t connecting with Xbox users in chat, I was in the Lounge chatting away with other Ambassadors. I’ve been lucky to meet some of the other Alphas and look forward to meeting more in the future. When I’m not on Xbox, I’m gaming on other consoles (like Nintendo Switch and a dozen or so older consoles, back to Atari 2600). If I’m not gaming, I’m traveling to visit amusement parks and ride roller coasters!



Scratch joined the Official Xbox Forum community in November of 2005. By working closely with other community members and through selfless dedication to the growth and prosperity of the community, he became a Forum Moderator and Xbox Community Leader. Scratch has frequently sacrificed time helping train new forum mods and providing community knowledge and transitional support to Microsoft personnel working within the community roles at Xbox. Scratch has been active in and helped form almost every support initiative Xbox has launched. He’s been with the Xbox Ambassador Program since its inception and worked with Xbox on numerous projects helping serve as a sounding board and test case for new ideas, specifically as an Alpha Ambassador. He can frequently be found on Mixer streaming on the Xbox Ambassadors Mixer channel when he’s not making content on YouTube to help Xbox users learn how to get the most out of their console. Currently Scratch has been on a break so if you haven’t, you’ll meet him soon!



Some words that describe me: dad, gamer, biker, developer, forthright. I’ve been an Xbox Ambassador since 2011 and focus usually is connecting with gamers via chat. I enjoy helping people with their questions or issues, so they can enjoy Xbox as much as I do myself and share my experiences and knowledge. As one of the Alpha Ambassadors, I like to believe it allows me to help the program improve and grow.

Don’t be shy, say hi

The Alphas are active members of the program, so if you have any questions, make sure to say hi and ask away. Make sure to read the Ambassador Handbook for more information about Alphas and what they do. Also, be sure to connect with them in the Lounge.

Give a warm congratulations and welcome to Mistress Sara and Smwutches in the comments below!


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