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Website update—four weeks to launch

Xbox Ambassadors have a lot to look forward to! In four short weeks, we will launch our new website full of fantastic enhancements and functionally improvements that’ll make being an Ambassador that much sweeter.

Let’s understand the enhancements

The new website will provide enhanced functionality for your ease of use. We know that change can be daunting, but your Xbox Ambassador Team is here to help you through every step of the way. Plus, the new updates are pretty neat, you just may have to see for yourself. 😉

Some of these updates include:

The dashboard—a new, single destination that acts as your hub where you can travel to almost any location on the website.

Traveling toolbar—at the top of every page, you have a personalized toolbar that travels with you throughout the entire website. This tool bar allows you to quickly access and know some Ambassador details personalized to you, like your site notifications, Sweepstakes tickets, and how many rewards you have yet to redeem.

Site notifications—no longer will be pop ups! Woo! You will now be notified in a more discrete fashion and have the ability to review unread and archived notifications via your profile. Additionally, notifications will now be personalized to you and your experience as an Ambassador.

Reactions—a new part of your profile will be the “reactions” tab. Reactions are based on your activities that you complete. If you complete a chat and at the end, the gamer you connected with gives you a top-notch survey rating, that amazing reaction will go on the reactions part of your profile. This will also act as a bug reporter, if you complete a chat and didn’t get XP, but your reaction tab shows the completed chat, your Xbox Ambassador Team will be able to track down the problem more quickly and efficiently.

Missions—missions are getting cleaned up! Ambassadors now have a quick and more detailed view of missions and the information will be displayed in a much more digestible fashion. We may have some additional updates to missions later on, but we’ll tell you more about that next week!

Rewards—remember how you’d get emails from us saying that you won a physical or digital reward? Say goodbye to that! Now you will have a dedicated rewards page that’s all about redemption. You can input your physical mailing address for those physical rewards, or if you won a digital reward, it’ll be there waiting for you!

More pages to come—every activity will have its own landing page on the website. Plus, you will have access to a robust Ambassador Handbook and FAQ section that will explain every aspect of the program in one convenient location. You will also have access to the Help Center in the Ambassador Academy, which will act as your one-stop shop to all information so you can ace any quiz and answer questions from the community confidently.

Next week, we will post a secondary blog that will highlight the updates and differences with the program itself, and how those updates will add to a more fun Ambassador experience. So, stay tuned!

Provide your feedback in the open beta

The open beta is now here, and we’re looking to you and your fellow Ambassadors to get in there and play around! Not all pages are currently present, but more pages will be added to the beta as soon as they’re available. With your help, we can find ways to make this website even better!

Make sure to provide lots of feedback, your perception and feedback is insanely valuable, and we appreciate it.

A friendly few reminders:

  • The open beta is still a work in progress, and over the next four weeks the website will continue to evolve and become better.
  • Please be sure to sign in to your Microsoft account at the top right of the open beta website.
  • All data you will see in the beta is mock data—no Ambassador data will be used in the open beta.
  • All Ambassador historical data will be transferred over to the new website on July 1, 2018.

Join the open beta—make sure to click “Join Xbox Ambassadors (Beta)” at the top left, at which point a pop-up window will appear. Then click “Become an Ambassador”. All information is mock, and we are aware the bullet points are different than our current eligibility requirements—they’re not changing.

Provide feedback

Review known beta bugs and issues

It’s the final countdown—use our hashtag

July 1 is the day that our new website will launch, and it will be here before we know it—we have a lot to look forward to in the coming weeks.

Please use the hashtag #AmbassadorsLevelUp and tag us at @XboxAmbassadors when talking about the new website on social media. If you have something awesome to say we will totally ask if we can repost you on all our social media platforms! This is big, y’all, so let’s have some fun! We’re excited, are you excited?

Make sure to stay tuned for our secondary blog about updates and enhancements to the program. Thanks for being an awesome Ambassador!


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