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We’re all in this together–from our Alphas

Our mission as Xbox Ambassadors is to create the best gaming community possible by connecting gamers and bringing them together. The entire Xbox Ambassadors community helps to push that mission forward, and at the forefront is our Alphas.

Meet the Alphas

Whether you’re a seasoned Ambassador or an Ambassador who’s just joining us, you’ve probably met at least one of our Alphas. This group exemplifies what it truly means to be an Xbox Ambassador.

Beyond helping Xbox gamers, the Alphas are here to help each Ambassador become that much more impactful in our community. If there is any group to go to if you have questions, the Alphas are there to make sure you’re supported as an Ambassador.

How long have you been an Alpha and what is the most rewarding aspect about being an Alpha?

I have been an Alpha since November 2013. I find the most rewarding part of this team is being able to help community members learn and grow within the program. – Kiesey

What does being an Alpha mean to you?

I feel honored to have been asked based on how I participated in the program, means I did something well. I like to help people to have them enjoy Xbox as much as I do, and by being an Alpha, I try to be helpful to the Xbox Ambassadors Team too, hopefully resulting in improving the program and reaching even more people to enjoy Xbox even more. – WPAK

How do you help Ambassadors become more impactful in our community?

I try to make every Ambassador feel like their contributions matter. We’re all here to help the community and I want users to feel like they matter. I also like to pass on knowledge I’ve acquired over my many years in the program. Anything that can help them will help others. – Bowski477

If you could say one thing to all Ambassadors and our community, what would that be?

This to me is rather simple … “thank you”. Thank you for being there to help our community. Thank you for helping each other. Thank you for being you. – RandyAU93

All the fuzzy feels

Every Ambassador provides immeasurable amounts of help to all Xbox gamers around the world, and the Alphas are here to help us–Ambassadors, community members, and team members–stay connected. We thank each and every one of you.

Bowski477 said it perfectly, “Support the users and support each other. We’re all in this community together.” We couldn’t have said it any better. Your heart better be overflowing with all the good feels!

If you’re an Ambassador, you can find our Alphas in our Xbox Ambassadors Discord or follow them personally on Twitter. They’re happy to help!


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