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Xbox Ambassadors Season Seven launch

Welcome to Season Seven, Ambassadors!

The last few months sure have been great. With the launch of Mixer and the unveiling of the “World’s Most Powerful Console,” Season Six will remain in our hearts forever. However, we have some exciting news and updates about the Ambassador Program that we think will make Season Seven one of our best yet. Spoiler Alert: More Sweepstakes.

Guides: A new way to get active in Forums.

Season Seven marks the official launch of the brand-new way Ambassadors can engage in Forums. “Guides” are a new type of thread in which you, the Ambassador, get to choose the topic.

This activity is designed to help other gamers by being a consistent source of information and, ideally, answer questions before they’re even asked. It is also a way for Ambassadors to publicize their depth of knowledge on topics to which they are passionate. Guides can either be Support or Discussion threads, based on the nature of the content.

To create a guide, simply put “[Guide]” in the title of your thread. Be sure to include the brackets! For example: “[Guide] How to Unlock All Achievements in Limbo.”Learn more about creating Guides.

Keep these guidelines in mind:

  1. Topics must be Xbox related content.
  2. Be original. Try not to create Guides on topics that are already posted.
  3. Guides will function like regular forum posts, which means that after they’ve been posted and the five minute grace period has elapsed, they can’t be edited (except by Moderators and Staff). With that in mind, make sure you proofread before posting. If you’d like to make and edit or an update later on, please feel free to reach out to one of the Forums Staff (Mister/Miss/Misses) with what changes you’d like to make. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.
  4. Forum Moderators and Staff will be on the lookout for awesome Guides. If we see something that’s truly great, we will stick it to the top of the Forum so that even more people can enjoy your hard work.
  5. Try not to break up Guides that could be grouped together. For example: If you’d like to create a Guide on how to beat each opponent in Killer Instinct, that’s great! Simply create one Guide that goes through each character. There’s no need to create a separate Guide for each character. Keep in mind that we’ll be looking to sticky truly great Guides. That becomes a whole lot harder if one Guide is broken up into 10 pieces.
  6. Try not to create Guides that are simply restatements of support articles. This doesn’t mean that you can’t use a support article in your Guide, but we want to make sure Guides aren’t just a copy/paste of a support article. Simply put: A Guide that contains some original, legitimate pointers and a link to a support article is okay, but a Guide that contains just a copy/paste of a support article isnot

Start Guiding!

What better way to launch a new season than with a Mission?

Yes, that’s right – new season, new mission. To get our Ambassadors hyped about a fresh start, we are upping the ante. This mission requires ten steps to finish, but trust us when we day “it’s worth it.” Complete the Season Seven Launch Mission and earn a total of 275 Sweepstakes Tickets!

Get Started.

More ways to “win big” as an Ambassador.

Alright, here’s another Season Seven switch up. Instead of running one month-long Sweepstake, we will be running weekly Sweepstakes, all season long. But wait, there’s more. Not only are there more chances to win, but Ambassadors have the option to enter as many Sweeps as they want to!

Get to Sweepin’.

Get to know your fellow Ambassadors.

We are thrilled to officially roll out the Xbox Ambassadors Discord. This chat experience will be the place where Ambassadors can hang out and connect with one another, all while utilizing a very accessible and reliable platform.

Learn More.


To provide you, The Ambassadors, with the best experience possible, we are asking that you please fill out this survey. This is your chance to provide feedback and let us know how we’re doing. It only takes a few minutes!

Take the survey!


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