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#XAIndieLovers: 5 Indie Games to take on Holiday

Written by zatomas and ThorX360

Hey Xbox Ambassadors, we’ve got great news: we really believe that diversity in gaming also means promoting different genres and games. And this includes indie titles! We love indies. So this blog post will be the first of a series – #XAIndieLovers – focused on spotlighting the most interesting indie games available on Xbox Game Pass.

Also, just in case you missed it, summer is here: heatwaves are hitting strongly, but there is something that can always keep us cool.

Yes, “gaming” is the answer.

And if you are an Xbox player then you are definitely lucky because games are where you are, anytime, anywhere.

You can play on your consoles (pro tip: the Series S is very easy to bring anywhere with you!), on cloud and on PC. It’s really up to you.

When it comes down to what to play on Game Pass though, how do you usually pick your games? We love indies and we think many of them are a perfect fit for the holiday time: whether you want to rain on parades, relive the glory days of the 80s and 90s, dealing with departed souls, go on an adventure or even enjoy some dark humour, there will be an indie game waiting for you.

It was really hard but we narrowed it down to a 5 title selection of indie games that we love and that we think you could enjoy while taking some time off!

Cyber Shadow by Yacht Club Games (Cloud, Console and PC) – ThorX360

If you’re born in the 80s or 90s, you most likely played and loved some 2D action games like the unforgettable Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Castlevania, Mega Man or Ninja Gaiden. Well, today you have the chance to bring back this experience and “refresh” your holidays with a spiritual sequel to the first of Ryu Hayabusa’s adventures that features 2D exploration in a lovely 8-bit style, intense combat and an amazing soundtrack! In Cyber Shadows, you play as a cyborg ninja named “Shadow”, going up against an army of evil machines in order to rescue your fallen clan.

Rain on Your Parade by Unbound Creations (Cloud, Console and PC) – zatomas

Have you ever dreamed of ruining someone’s party? Well, that’s exactly what you would do while acting as a funny cardboard cloud.

While the concept of the game might seem simple, it’s extremely fun: you’ll discover very creative ways to use water while collecting fancy stuff to decorate your home with.

Bonus: Rain on Your Parade has PLENTY of Easter eggs and references to gaming culture. Plus, they’re launching even more content during summer!

Spiritfarer by Thunder Lotus Games (Cloud, Console and PC) – ThorX360

Take a bit and think about a management simulator which puts you in place of the mythological Charon, a ferrymaster who must sail the seas to find spirits of the deceased, help them fulfill their final wishes and eventually reach the afterlife. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Well, this is exactly what you can expect from Spiritfarer, a slow-paced adventure that talks about unique themes with an unexpected sensibility and an unforgettable soundtrack. If you like these elements, be sure to join Stella and her cat Daffodil in this incredible journey helping the spirits to reach the Everdoor and, last but not least, find out more details about Stella’s past. You won’t regret it.

Night in the Woods by Infinite Fall (Cloud, Console and PC) – zatomas

Imagine a little city. Now, imagine leaving it and then eventually coming back and dealing with your past that you thought you’ve left behind. Plus a mysterious murder twist and lots of black humour and sarcasm.

Intrigued? Then Night in the Woods is for you. Play as Mae Borowski and enjoy the company of her friends in this exploration and story-driven gem. Oh and you’ll get to play a bass guitar too!

No spoilers here, but trust me: you’ll love Gregg Lee. Keep this name in mind!

The Wild at Heart by Moonlight Kids (Cloud, Console and PC) – ThorX360 & zatomas

There are tons of reasons to love this game: from the visuals to the gameplay and the story, The Wild at Heart is one of the best indie titles we’ve recently played.

Basically, it is a story of training and growth, but the more you go on, the more you’ll gain the self-confidence as you navigate the fairy-like setting. Explore the mysterious Deep Woods with your trusty vacuum, collect Spritelings, use their magical powers and craft new items or equipment thanks to your special ability. But never forget: the dark is bad in the Deep Woods, so make sure to stay near a campfire when the sun goes down!

So, do you love indies as much as we do? Then let us know what you are planning to play during vacation and what titles are your favorite ones on the Game Pass: let’s keep the conversation going with #XAIndieLovers and happy holidays!


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