Day 1: Turn a pumpkin into an Xbox console. Day 2: Minecraft Enderman. Day 3: Yourself as a pirate. Day 4: Something quintessentially fall. Day 5: Potion bottle and tell us what it does. Day 6: Design an in-game spooky weapon. Day 7: Design a costume and/or masquerade mask. Day 8: Favorite Halloween treat. Day 9: Gamer witch/wizard/conjurer. Day 10: Design a spooky Xbox controller. Day 11: Your pirate banner/flag. Day 12: A Doom Eternal demon. Day 13: Clippy. Day 14: Yourself playing video games as a kid. Day 15: Zombie Pac-man. Day 16: Spooky Forza car design. Day 17: Didi from Contrast. Day 18: Zombie bee. Day 19: Ultimate gamer gear kit. Day 20: Yourself as a character from We Happy Few. Day 21: Design a new spooky emoji. Day 22: Tombstone. Day 23: Favorite horror game. Day 24: Minecraft zombie. Day 25: Design a spooky Xbox console. Day 26: Dawn from Contrast. Day 27: A haunted house/mansion/castle. Day 28: Ultimate zombie apocalypse gear. Day 29: One of your fears. Day 30: Friendly spider. Day 31: Favorite game character in a Halloween costume.

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