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A Year as an Xbox Ambassador – A Reflection from Pandy

It’s been one year since our first Ambassador of the Month, Pandy Yato, has been a part of Xbox Ambassadors. Pushed by her determination to make Xbox a better place for her daughters, she discovered what it was like to be part of a welcoming community. We’re glad she found us and remains a positive figure to those she comes across. Here is her story on her first year as an Ambassador!

Pandy’s Reflection

I joined the Xbox Ambassadors in April 2018. Not sure what to expect, I knew I wanted to help make the Xbox community a better place for when my daughters grew up and joined it. How I would do this, I had no idea.

I liked what the Ambassadors represented, gamers helping gamers to enjoy their time together, the inclusiveness of the program, and how many gamers from around the world could come together, in friendship, to pursue the common goals the program sets for us and try to make our corner of the online world a better place.

I threw myself in, first by joining the Discord group, as many did, and quickly found myself a group of gamers who let me join their pack, who carry me through so many PUBG games, and remain trusted friends to this day. I also worked through the Academy and the technical side, like chats, and at the end of my first season, I was the first official Ambassador of the Month—I even reached the Top 100. All of this was such a surprise to me and will forever remain so, but it’s also a proud moment for me.

We had many triumphs together, such as the Ambassador Mixer channel reaching 100k followers. And, we’ve always pulled together when the community needed it. The program itself began to change over time and is constantly evolving.

Recently, we’ve seen the Xbox Ambassadors begin to move in a different direction. So many Ambassadors are reaching out to the community, engaging in charity work, and showing their human sides. It’s hard not to be inspired. This is a welcome addition for many of us in the community, who see many gamers like ourselves; that just need someone to open up to and listen, but are unsure of where to turn.

I joined as an anxious person, unsure of herself. A year later, I have come to see that joining the Ambassadors was one of the best decisions I could have made for myself. Not only do I have an online family that is so supportive, but within this community, I have found a place where my ideas are heard and I am seen for who I really am.

Thank you for the time we have spent and are going to spend together. This community has given me so much over the last few months and I only hope that I can return the same level of love and support you have shown me.

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