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A time to reflect–your 2017 impact

Before we dive much further into 2018, the Xbox Ambassadors Team wants to share and applaud all the seriously amazing help each Ambassador provided to the Xbox community in 2017. Without you, this community wouldn’t be nearly as genuine, helpful, and … well … fun!

Xbox gamers helped by you increased in 2017

Some of the best ways Ambassadors help gamers are through chats, Twitter conversations, and replying to forums. Ambassadors helped almost 530,000 Xbox gamers just in those three activities alone! That’s an increase of almost 100,000 helped gamers from 2016.

Whew, sorry … we almost fainted from the pure awesomeness–you did that!

Your impact spreads the love for our community

You have an outstanding impact on our community and the Xbox Ambassadors Team could not be more excited and proud. We’re constantly getting messages and tags where people are saying the Xbox community is the best and that Ambassadors are fantastic.

Haven’t met a single negative Ambassadors yet. Love this community! – @el_tuckero

Best community ever! – @pyrosplayhouse

Definitely enjoying this community and learning a lot – @darkknight3234

It’s more than just chats and Twitter conversations

Every effort counts. It’s every YouTube submission and vote for quality and educational videos. It’s every feedback comment and vote to showcase fantastic thoughts on how areas can be improved for our Xbox community. It’s every quiz you’ve taken and passed to continuously learn more or sharpen existing knowledge for the advancement of our gamers. It’s every thoughtful and engaging forum guide and replies that provide an excellent way to voice thoughts and to help multiple gamers at once.

In 2017, there were over 903,000 activities (chats, Twitter conversations, forums, plus the activities mentioned above) completed by you and fellow Ambassadors, and the positive impact of those activities on community health is invaluable.

A seriously huge thank you to all our Ambassadors

For those who took time out of their days in 2017 to ensure that any Xbox gamer who needed help was supported–thank you. It’s that kind of commitment that makes Xbox the best gaming community. Let’s continue that through 2018 and for many more years to come!


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