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Ambassador of the Month—Albert X

Hey, Xbox Ambassadors! It’s May, and that means we’ve got a brand new Ambassador of the Month to celebrate—Albert X! He has been a big presence in the Xbox Ambassadors community for a long time, and has made a significant impact on the local Xbox community in Puerto Rico as well. Take some time to learn more about Albert X and his Xbox Ambassadors journey (so far) below!

You’ve been spotlighted a few times now by the Xbox Ambassadors Program, and each time it’s been well-deserved. What drives you to stay so involved with the program year after year?

This is actually my third spotlight and I am honored to have been chosen once again. This is now my 14th straight top 100 Ambassador season. What keeps me involved in this amazing program is the community. Not only am I a devoted Ambassador in terms of support, but recently I have been actively recruiting Ambassadors. This new stage of mentorship in my Ambassador journey is extremely gratifying as I now have several recruits in the Top 100 leaderboard. Not only do I introduce them to the program, but I provide recruits with guidance and motivation in order for them to excel in the program.

You’ve been asked about your favorite games before, but that answer changes over time for most of us. What are your top 3 favorite Xbox games of all time?

  1. The Division 2, Ghost Recon Wildlands, Far Cry
  2. Bethesda RPGs: Oblivion, Skyrim and Fallout
  3. Borderlands 2 is my favorite all time game.

Do you game on any platforms other than Xbox? If so, which ones, and what do you like to play?

I do have a PS4 slim to play exclusive Sony games on, but to be honest I rarely touch it as 99% of my time is on my Xbox One X. Last things I obtained for the PS4 was God of War, Spider-Man and Detroit Become Human.


The Xbox Ambassadors Program has changed a lot since you first joined. What’s your favorite thing about being an Xbox Ambassador today?

I joined the Ambassador program back in 2012 and yes I have seen the program evolve greatly in the past seven years. The introduction of the new Ambassador site has changed the program greatly and like any good Ambassador one has to adapt to the tools made available to us. My favorite thing about being an Ambassador today is my ability to create enthusiasm and commitment towards the program by leading by example. I am honored that new and incoming Ambassadors look to emulate my success within the Ambassador ranks. One other thing that I am extremely proud of is being able to work hand in hand with my Community Manager Mr. Taxel in order to make the Ambassador Site a well oiled machine.

One big impact you’ve already had on the program is bringing other like-minded gamers from your area into the Xbox Ambassadors community. Do you see a trend in why the people you recruit join the program?

My success in Ambassador recruitment comes from my commitment to the local Xbox Community here in Puerto Rico. Besides being a 14 time top 100 Ambassador, I am also the lead administrator for Xbox Live Puerto Rico on Facebook. Xbox Live Puerto Rico is a community page that counts with nearly 10,000 followers and has been operating for nearly 10 years now. It is by this means that I have been able to captivate the interest of like-minded individuals into joining the program. My exposure of the program has resulted in great interest here locally. These recruitment efforts have gone as far as being able to host an informative Ambassador Orientation Panel which was held at Microsoft Store – Plaza Las Americas on February 17th 2019. Being able to make and event of this type come together is an amazing experience as the collaboration between the Ambassador Program, Microsoft Store and myself was a complete success. All I can say is that this is the first of many more events of this type to come.

As an Ambassador, what type of impact do you want to have on the gaming community in the future?

My dream has always been to one day to be an Xbox MVP and hopefully one day make it to Seattle as an Xbox Employee. When I think of my Legacy in the gaming community all I really want to be remembered for is my accessibility and willingness to help. If anyone knows me is that I am an extremely accessible person and I am always willing to go the extra mile to promote unity, share knowledge and well have a great time in doing so. I am extremely happy of how much I have done for Xbox and how much Xbox has done for me, even in the most trying of times.


You’ve been active in gaming events and gaming groups on Facebook for a long time – awesome contributions that aren’t official Xbox Ambassadors activities on our website right now. In your view, what does it mean to be an Xbox Ambassador outside of our more structured spaces?

With the new Ambassador Site and new Activities and Missions being introduced this aspect of my life has become increasingly important. I have been focused on the Xbox brand and community involvement for nearly 10 years. I have hosted and organized numerous gaming events in Microsoft Store and other venues to great reception and success. This whole body of work that I have put forth during the past decade has resulted in being considered an authority within the Xbox Community. In my role as lead administrator of Xbox Live Puerto Rico on Facebook I have to manage a team of editors who are currently all bilingual Xbox Community Ambassadors. The fact that our local community and followers on Facebook can reach out to us at any time and receive the help of an Ambassador outside the program parameters is a wonderful thing for the users and us as dedicated Ambassadors. Being an Ambassador outside the program structure involves a great deal of responsibility and commitment as we aim to maintain the same standards of excellence and code of conduct in a very personal and intimate environment. What this entails is that I am an Xbox Ambassador 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days of the year. I love what I do, and I will continue to do so as long as there is breath in my lungs.

What’s a major passion of yours outside of gaming and the Xbox Ambassadors Program?

My passion outside gaming and the Xbox Ambassadors program is dogs. I love animals and specially dogs, so I try to feed and rescue as many as I can. I rescued a young puppy right after Hurricane Maria devastated my home island of Puerto Rico, and well I guess she adopted me because she is now a wonderful friend and companion.


Let’s hear it for Albert X!

We’re very excited to be able to share Albert X’s story as an example of how to impact the Xbox community both inside and outside of the Xbox Ambassadors Program. Make sure to congratulate him in the comments below! If you know an Xbox Ambassador who would make a great Ambassador of the Month, let your CM know!


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