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Ambassador of the Month – BlondiebutGeeky!

Summer is here and for July’s Ambassador of the Month, it’s none other than a sunshine in the program, the one and only BlondiebutGeeky! With her infectious laugh and all-round positive attitude, she is a great Ambassador that can brighten up anyone’s day. As one of our official Xbox Ambassador Playhosts and also a moderator, she engages with the community through streaming and chatting.

Blonde woman with animated bunny ears looking into cameraAs an Ambassador, BlondiebutGeeky believes our pledge is powerful and a reminder of what we stand for. To her, pledging to something you believe in is a credit to your character, you believe in it enough to sign off on it. And as an Ambassador, she is committed to providing a safe and inclusive environment for those she comes across.

With much delight, we had the pleasure of chatting with her and was able to get to know more about her passions. She was very thoughtful in her responses and we wanted to let that show for itself. In her own words, she answered the following questions.

Gears of War themed white headset and Red Xbox controllerQ: How did gaming become one of your passions?

A: Simple. Gaming became more of a passion the more I played.The games I played were very captivating visually as well as emotionally. Games with story lines allowed me to dive into another world, explore, escape, become part of another realm. I would co-op campaigns with friends, we could journey through other places and times together. Getting together, hanging out, conquering villains, creating memories. Gaming became a true passion because of the people and friendships I have made through the years. Gaming isn’t just about playing with sticks.

Q: When did you start streaming and what made you want to be an XA playhost?

A: I started streaming March 20, 2018 playing Sea of Thieves. Sea was a game I put many enjoyable hours testing and playing, I wanted to share my experiences and help other pirates discover uncharted waters. There wasn’t enough time in the day to play with all the requests I had received and streaming was a way I could interact with the community, so I flipped that- start broadcast switch. 

I never really thought about being a XA host, until I had a few people and a couple other hosts that watched my streams suggested that I apply. So I put some serious thought into it, and a year later I decided to go for it. As a very shy person, putting myself out there was a huge step out of my comfort zone. To this day, every time, yes every time I go live I get nervous. It is something I cherish and enjoy tremendously, being able to share my knowledge about Xbox, keeping gamers gaming and playing games with the community is so rewarding. Being an XA playhost for a couple hours a week is definitely a highlight of my life.

Sunset with pink and purple skies and palm treesQ: What does a healthy community look like to you and what do you do to contribute to that vision?

A: A healthy community is one that supports one another, finds ways to build and grow while keeping a solid foundation. Building a community with hollow walls will only have it crumbling during the first storm. The Ambassador community is built strong and solid, it supports those around it. Sharing the same visions is vital in a community, it will excel and be driven by positivity. Embrace and learn from those around. Again, inclusion, we are diverse and unstoppable. Some of my contributions consist of educating what the Xbox Ambassadors are, what they stand for, how you can be a part of it.

Q: How do you think online communities positively impact the lives of gamers?

A: Great question! It provides a place where people can feel safe and welcome with the click of a button. How simple is that! I believe staying active in one or more communities is very healthy, inspiring and educating.  It is an outlet for those who otherwise might not be able to get out. Socialization through gaming is a huge positive, along with many other things. 

Q: What is your most positive gaming experience?

A: I feel the most positive gaming experience is one I am currently involved with. I am teaming up with a friend raising money for children who are in the hospital to bring Xbox and the joys gaming during their stay. This cause hits close to home for me. Our goal is to raise enough money to fund devices and to provide these kiddos with hours of smiles and interaction. Xbox has so many positives, inclusion be #1. If someone can’t play due to a disability, we need to find ways, as Head of Xbox, Phil Spencer states: “When everybody plays, we all win.” Thanks to all the people that are involved in making this positive come to life. 

Orange hospital room with 4 cart game console stations with monitorsQ: Could you speak more on your involvement in raising funds for children in hospitals?

A: As someone who has been on the receiving end of the kindness and generosity of others for children in hospitals, it was something that inspired me. I wanted to give back. I saw a tweet from Aaron Greenberg and his involvement with Gamers Outreach and the wheels started spinning. Gamers Outreach, a charity organization that provides equipment, technology and software to help kids cope with treatment inside hospitals, was the perfect org for me to get involved with. The plan was to raise enough money to have a gaming cart, Go Kart, built. Each of these consist of a mobile cart, an Xbox and some games which can be rolled room to room etc. With the help of so many, we were able to raise enough to purchase one Go-Kart. Providing the platform to make this possible, bringing community and a cause together for the kids. It is something I will do annually going forward. 

Close up of cherry pastry tarts on a tiered holderQ: What other things outside of gaming are you involved in?

A: Informal shutterbug, I am. I love to take pictures of nature, finding the beauty in everyday life. A butterfly, something I only see in that moment, to a sunset, that thousands can see. I take pictures daily, it’s something that brings joys and beauty into my life. Photos can also be something people can live vicariously through, places and things that you might not ever get to witness in real life, simply from someone clicking a button, then sharing, you are whisked away… I like to share the things around me that others might not ever get to see, capturing a second in time that will forever be archived in a photo.

Baking is also something I also find enjoyable. It started off as another outlet for my creativity. I started off by making simple things, then to geek inspired treats. Some of my favorites are a Gears of War cake, Mario cake pops and a Zombie brain cake. I even made a member of the community a penguin themed cake just to cheer them up. Another fav was a Forza Hot Wheels themed cake for a son’s friend. They happiness people get from seeing what I have created personally for them is so joyous. 

I also believe in volunteering in ones community is necessary and something that comes so easy for me. I have done many things throughout the years from organizing school events, doing fund raisers to help out the local animal shelters, doing computer repair for the elderly folks in my area, and filling boxes at the local food bank, I feel if you have the time, resources, knowledge and passion you should share those with others. You never know the tables might be turned one day. 

Q: If there is anything else you’d like to share, please do!

A: Other tidbits about me:

I am a Community Manager, a position I never really saw myself in. Was told in the past by friends I Close up of a duck cleaning its wing will its bill near a poolwas made for this type of role. I pursued it. The position comes so easy and again I love the interaction with such a vast community. Trying to explain to family and friends what you do can be frustrating, they think I play on the internet all day lol. CMs are bridges between the community and the brand. Ambassadors building relationships and growing a community. You have to have elevated people skills, be positive, empathetic, and the ability to put out fires. Being a CM is challenging and rewarding, you never have the same day twice. I look forward to where this role will take me.

My critters. They are part of my daily life and get such joy from. I sit most mornings out by the pool having coffee watching them start their days. I can sit and watch as they interact with each other, the relationship and pecking order they have. I have a much loved duck, Quackers, two bunnies- Loki and Thora (she was originally Thor lol, also named after a community members daughter, thank you J.) three hens, for the fresh eggs when baking. We also have cats and a dog. Animals are amazing creatures: I can’t imagine my life without them.  <3

Q: What message would you like to say to the community?

A: If you have a passion for gaming and helping others out, I suggest you go online right now, yes now, and click on the Xbox Ambassadors site. We need you. There is such good that comes from helping others and keeping them gaming. Being an Ambassador is something I am honored to be a part of, cherish and hold near and dear to my heart. I have met some of the most amazing humans from the program and look forward to meeting and chatting with many more. I want to thank you for the laughs, great games (even the not so great ones) and most importantly, the friendships. I have been privileged to introduce many of you to the program and am happy to call you a fellow Xbox Ambassador. I treasure this journey. Thank you for allowing me to stand among you, Xbox Ambassadors. <3

Sunset with orange skies and palm treesIf you get a chance to run into BlondiebutGeeky, we’re sure she will leave you smiling. With her heart of gold and positive nature, she fully deserves the title of Ambassador of the Month.


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