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Ambassador of the month—choppyseize

choppyseize is an Xbox Ambassador who has proved time and time again that gaming is about gaming together. choppyseize also launched 100 Ambassadors in 100 Days challenge that brought so many gamers around the world together and who continues to bring positivity, inclusion, and happiness to Xbox gamers. We’re excited that he’s March’s Ambassador of the month!

choppy-seize-avatar-wearing-hat-and-shadesTake a bow, choppy

What is your favorite game of all time? What kind of memories/feelings does it give you?

My top three favourite games are Parasite Eve, Goldeneye 007, and Tony Hawk. My biggest and best nostalgic memories come from these games. Parasite Eve was scary and awesome, and the final boss battle was legendary. Goldeneye was one of my first tastes of co-op gaming. My friends and I would spend countless hours having epic split screen battles. A huge chunk of my younger years was spent skateboarding, so when Tony Hawk made a game, I was all over it. I would play it all morning, then go out skateboarding all day and night, then come home and play some more until I passed out.

What are some of your other hobbies? What are some of your goals as a gamer or outside of gaming altogether?

I like going on photo missions to new places, like the old motels in Myrtle Beach or anything abandoned. I like to cook, eat, and not drink. My goals now are to keep working on my goals—to keep riding this positive momentum and soon be able to spend more time with my son.

a man and his son sitting next to each other

What motivates you to make friends and connections within the program?

I didn’t know what to expect when I first started as an Xbox Ambassador. I had no idea that is would turn into a community of like-minded friends. Interacting with and getting to know people all over the world who are funny and cool and from a vast array of cultures is a huge part of what motivates me to stay involved daily. It’s personally very rewarding to feel like you are part of something like that.

You’ve been highlighted in the past for your 100 Ambassadors in 100 Days challenge. What advice would you give to other Ambassadors, new and seasoned, who want to start making those kinds of connections within the program?

You have to make an effort and get to know people over time. If you’re considering trying the 100-day challenge and beating my record, you’ll have to be very flexible and find creative ways to play with other gamers. It’s good to make plans with multiple people at a time because plans fall apart, life comes up and a lot of people cancel or reschedule last minute. Don’t take that personally, it’s probably not a slight against you. People are busy and have their own things going on. Also remember that the challenge was about connecting with people and getting to know them. So, don’t rush it!

Everyone’s story is unique, tell us how you became a gamer.

I grew up outside. I played sports year-round, camped a lot, and spent countless hours being a ninja with my other ninja friends in our ninja club. At first, I would spend a few hours at friends’ houses playing on their consoles. Then as newer consoles came out, I would get the remnants of the old ones passed down to me and play them in my room. Mario, Megaman, Blades of Steel, Twisted Metal, and the Halo series. It was always a fun past time for me. When online gaming became more popular, I found that I resonated more with the people I met gaming than with most people I knew in “real life”.

Open floor: tell us something that’s outside of gaming, give us some insight into you as a person.

I have FASD (fetal alcohol spectrum disorder), which in my case, is an invisible disability that has played a huge—often very destructive role—in my life. I’m also Native, Jewish, and adopted … it is a complicated life and I haven’t got it completely figured out, but I am coming to terms with my past and learning how to be okay with who I am now. My wife is my buddy and my number one support system. We are currently spending the winter next to the ocean in Myrtle Beach. It’s the first vacation we’ve taken in nine years. We meditate every day, walk on the beach a lot, eat oysters, and watch for dolphins from the living room. We have both really struggled in the past, but we’re determined to make a better life for ourselves, our cat, and my awesome kid.

How do you define community and what makes it important to you?

We all share something that unites and strengthens us. We’re naturally drawn to certain things and that’s the same energy that helps build a community into something worthwhile. It’s important to me because it’s a safe place to be myself, share similar interests, and have fun.

As an Ambassador, what type of impact are you looking to have on the gaming community?

I want everyone to feel like it is okay to reach out and ask questions. I would also like to be a positive reminder to other people with “disabilities” that these things don’t have to define or limit you in any way.

The Ambassadors program is comprised of different people from all around the world. What do you think brings so any people, from different walks of life together to achieve the same goal?

Nothing is more rewarding than helping others. Combine that with doing what you love and growing in your own unique way—it’s hard to resist. This is an amazing time for creative people to do what they love from home or on their phones. The gaming industry is growing all the time and I think people are becoming more empathetic toward each other.

What is your single favorite thing about being an Xbox Ambassador?

The people. I’ve met so many nice people, made a few lifelong friends too, which is always awesome.

You’ve expressed enthusiasm in the past about flamethrowers-as-a-reward. Which Xbox game (in your opinion) does the best job with its flamethrower mechanics or gameplay?

It’s hard to pick just one. If I had to answer a question forcing me to pick one it would have to be The Evil Within 2. I beat this game five times in a row. The flamethrower was a fun challenge to unlock and really fun to play with. It helped immensely when trying to defend myself against the scary monsters.

Congrats, choppy

Share your love in the comments below for choppseize! If you know of someone who would make an amazing Ambassador of the month, make sure to let your CM know!


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