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Ambassador of the month—DoPeY5007 

It’s the first of the month, and y’all know what that means—a new Ambassador of the month! This month is dedicated to a long-time, passionate Xbox Ambassador—DoPey5007. DoPeY5007 is a fantastic Xbox Ambassador who avidly supports and loves ID@Xbox games, is one of the best stream mods around town, and is always willing to connect with other Ambassadors and cheer on their endeavors in the Xbox community.  

 Xbox Ambassador DoPeY5007

The words of DoPeY5007 

What is your favorite game of ALL timeWhat kind of memories does it give you?  

That is a tough question. There are a ton of great franchises I love to play, but there is only one that comes to mind when I am asked this. Super Mario Kart. The gameplay was just fun, easy to pick up, and it was always a good time when playing it. I remember spending hours and hours playing that game online with random people! (For those that don’t know, there was a 33.6k modem you can buy for the SNES and play games like Super Mario Kart online.)  

What are your New Year’s resolutions, if you have any? And how do you plan on achieving them? 

I am not one that gives myself a New Year’s resolution, but I do want to hit 250k Gamerscore this year and as of right now I need 64,244 to get that and, of course, always be healthier and happier. 😉 I also want to try to get partnered on Mixer. I need to work on my streaming and build a better schedule and eventually build a proper streaming PC.  

You’ve mentioned that E3 2018 was your favorite Xbox Ambassadors memory. Tell us about your experience. 

E3 2018 was a BLAST! I have been lucky to go to E3 before, 2012 through Xbox rewards, 2017 as a consolidation prize for the FanFest registration mess, and then last year as a guest of a FanFest winner. Before FanFest registration opened, Jav0r and I agreed that if we win, we would be each other’s guest. Well, he won, and I was able to join him! Going to FanFest was such a great experience that I will always remember. After FanFest, I was able to go to dinner with a few of the Xbox MVPs, good food and good company. Also the Ambassadors I was able to meet at E3 this year was great, besides Jav0r who I met at E3 2017, meeting F5 PenguinScrtchEmericaGirlMoonLiteWolf, GingerAleFizz, and of course some of the Xbox Ambassadors Team members like Teal and Malik. I was also able to meet with the ID@Xbox team and that is always a good time as well. 

DoPeY5007 and fellow Xbox Ambassadors

What are some other things you like to do outside of gaming?  

I love the outdoors of SoCal. Being in Los Angeles, I am lucky to have great weather most of the time and go cycling often, both road and on the trails. I am also part of a running/triathlon group Train 4 Autism. The group is a nonprofit that helps raise funds and awareness for autism. It also helps families with children on the spectrum meet others in their same situation to train together and learn from each other.  

Tell us about things you’re passionate about. 

Outside of gaming, I love sports. I enjoy watching the four majors in the USA. These days I watch more hockey than the other sports, but I still enjoy watching them when I can. I was lucky enough to even be at a Stanley Cup winning game back in 2007 when the Anaheim Ducks won the cup. I was sitting in the last row in the arena, but wow that place was LOUD! 

You stream indie games on Mixer. When did you start streaming, how did you get started, and what is your inspiration for doing so? Also, what motivated you to become a Mixer moderator? 

Well, the moderation came first, at least for the ID@Xbox streams. They asked me to help them out moderating their streams and Discord. I am always willing to help out with stuff like that and was eventually asked to help the Xbox Ambassadors streams and official Xbox streams. It is nice being trusted with stuff like that. Streaming eventually came later as I started collaborating with ID@Xbox to help showcase their titles. With over 1,000 games out now and a list that grows every week there is always a title that people don’t know about. Being able to showcase them on my Mixer channel is fun as I also get to find the hidden gems (like What the Box?—look it up, fun game!). Small budget games to block busters like Rocket League and Fortnite have released through ID@Xbox. 

Everyone’s story is unique; tell us how you became a gamer!  

It started in the early 80’s when I received the NES as a Christmas gift and, of course, Super Mario Brothers. Growing up we were a Nintendo console family with most of my years at home on the SNES. Once I moved out, I mainly played on my PC if I gamed. My brother had the original Xbox and would have LAN parties, and I would play Halo with him and his friends, but that was rare. I remember staying up NYE 1999 playing Unreal Tournament with co-workers waiting for all our computers to crash!  Besides having the three or four GameCubes at my parent’s house for Mario Kart, I took a long break from console gaming. I didn’t have a console at my place until late 2009 when I purchased an Xbox 360 and PS3. At that time, I didn’t know the brand I would go with, but the 360 controller felt better in my hand than the PlayStation controller, so I made most my purchases on the 360 and only got exclusives on the PS3. When the Xbox One came out there was no question about it—I would upgrade. I am happy I stuck with Xbox. 

As an Ambassador, what type of impact are you looking to have on the gaming community?  

Ambassadors represent the Xbox brand. I just want to leave a positive impact with all my interactions. Overall, I feel I accomplish that. Always have a positive attitude!  

What motivates you to make friends and connections within the program?  

When I first joined the program that was not a thought I had, but now that has changed. With the addition of Discord, it is easy to make new connections. The ease of streaming to Mixer makes interactions with others easy and fun as well.  

The Ambassadors program is comprised of different people from all around the world. What do you think brings so any people, from different walks of life, together to achieve the same goal?  

Gaming. Everyone in the program loves gaming one way or another. There is no wrong way to enjoy gaming and that is what is great about Xbox. There are games for everyone on the platform and multiple ways to play them. There is no language barrier in gaming. Even in multiplayer you all have the same objective and know what you need to do and can still work together.  

Open floor: Anything you want to say and share to the community. We would love to get your voice and message out to them! 

I just want to say thank you to all the Ambassadors out there. The program is very welcoming to all and I am honored to be February’s Ambassador of the month. There are many great Ambassadors out there keeping Xbox safe and fun for all!  

:Clapping emoji:

We’re so excited to have DoPeY5007 nominated as February’s Ambassador of the month! Make sure to send positive thoughts to him in the comments below! If you know of an awesome Ambassador who thinks they deserve this brag-worthy title, tell your Community Manager. 🙂 


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