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Ambassador of the Month – Emericagirl24!

We’re marching into the new month and would like to announce our next Ambassador of the Month, Emericagirl24! Representing the program through her streams and in her community, she has all the qualities of a great Ambassador, being a supporter of inclusivity, online safety, and having a positive presence in the gaming world. Three cheers for Emericagirl24, hip hip hooray!

Gaming has always been a big part of Emericagirl24’s life. It is one of her main hobbies and it has exposed her to brand new worlds.

I think gaming really allowed my imagination to run wild and let me explore worlds that are brand new to me. That continued exploration of new types of games has made it something I can see myself wanting to continue to enjoy for a long time!”

Picture of Emericagirl24 at an Xbox event

By way of streams, she learned about the Xbox Ambassadors and was immediately drawn to the community.

“I originally found out about the Xbox Ambassadors program from Scratch when I came across his stream for Xbox. I remember being super surprised Xbox had such a community-based outlook, which I had never really seen a brand do before. After learning more from him and seeing what a welcoming community there was, I knew instantly this was something I wanted to be a part of. It’s been an easy choice to stay involved because this community is a family and I’ve seen the positive impact is has on others.”

To her, a healthy community is supportive and all in when it comes to advocating for the same goal. It will have people with all different experiences come together to learn and grow from one another.

I want my community to convey inclusiveness and I try to make that clear from the get-go with inviting others to join in on whatever game we may be playing no matter the skill level.”

Four women on computers playing Minecraft

As an Xbox Ambassadors Mixer playhost, Emericagirl24 streams every week in a segment called Tuesday Team Up. She has fond memories of when she was younger and all the neighborhood kids would meet up to beat a game together using their strengths. This carried over as online gaming came into play and she hopes that she can help provide the same sense of teamwork and accomplishment that she feels when playing with others. She brings this comradery to the community.

“Online communities positively impact the lives of gamers by giving them a supportive community that’s focused around a central love. It’s so easy to connect with people now and form true bonds that no amount of distance or time zone difference can break! I’m so grateful that online gaming and streaming exists because it’s helped me connect to friends I wouldn’t have been able to ever meet otherwise.”

Along with streaming, EmericaGirl24 is involved with her local Microsoft Store who go above and beyond to host engaging events and panels that are fun and educational. From there, she shares her experiences as an Xbox Ambassador and spread the word about the program and our mission. She also takes time to stream from the store to help answer questions about Xbox and Mixer to the wider community. Her most positive gaming experience also happened at the Microsoft Store.

At the Women in Gaming panel at the Microsoft Store in 2019 they set up a friendly competition for some Overwatch 2v2. I was paired with someone who I had not previously known as who was totally unfamiliar with Overwatch (she’s a big League of Legends fan though!). We were thrown right into the competition with no time to practice and through quick shot calling, answering questions on the fly, and her quick learning we ended up winning against the first team!”

Emericagirl signing a poster board with the Ambassadors logo on it

Outside of gaming, Emericagirl24 also enjoys attending concerts and live music events. To her, there’s nothing quite like being in a room full of other people who are super passionate about the same band she is and who are also belting out the lyrics. Like gaming, she’s able to enjoy herself to the fullest as she sings with the crowd! If you see Emericagirl24 in or out of our social spaces or happen to be standing next to her at a concert, tell her congrats for being a fabulous Ambassador!

To the Xbox Ambassadors community:

“You are all really making a positive impact that reaches far beyond the Xbox community, keep up the great work!”



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