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Ambassador of the Month – MissDeusGeek

Autumn leaves are falling, the chill is in the air, and the winds have blown us into October. It’s the time for pumpkin spice and everything nice, including our new Ambassador of the Month, MissDeusGeek! She is one of our exceptional Ambassadors from down under, representing Xbox Ambassadors with pride. A positive force within her community, she’s broken out from being shy to becoming the first female Mixer partner from New Zealand.


Growing up playing games with her uncles, MissDeusGeek turned it into a true passion when her partner introduced her to online gaming and streaming.

“This global connectivity and the feeling of community I felt through the shared love for video games is what really instilled a deep sense of love for games in me. I love the fact that games bring people from all walks of life together.”
Shortly after joining the ExpertZone GameMaster program, a fellow GameMaster introduced her to the Xbox Ambassadors program. She has stayed informed of program news by reading the Xbox Ambassadors blog and handbook and is active on the community forums.

“I’ve learnt so much from reading the community’s responses and solutions to common problems, and feel a sense of giving back to the community when I’m able to help a fellow Xbox gamer out.”

As an Ambassador, MissDeusGeek represents the core values of the program with her support for diversity and inclusivity, especially when it comes to traditionally male dominated activities like gaming. As an educator for TenForward, an after school technology lounge for children, she helps to dispel the notion that gaming is only for boys. Having been parts of groups like Women in Gaming and seeing Microsoft’s commitment in promoting gaming for everyone, she wanted to connect with more women and girls who play games. Realizing that there wasn’t any particular community out there that involved women and girls who were passionate about Xbox, she launched Women of Xbox which focuses purely on female and non-binary Xbox gamers.

“Though still in its infancy, I envisioned Women of Xbox to be a group that aims to strengthen community ties, share the love of Xbox gaming and empower female gamers. [I] hope to grow the community worldwide so as to facilitate more female Xbox gamers getting to know and supporting one another while strengthening the bonds we share, as I feel that this will enable us to positively grow and develop.”
Given her talent for writing, MissDeusGeek has also worked with companies like Amnesty International to pen letters to government officials to petition for the rights of minority groups. She started her writing career as an anti-bullying blogger and believes that it is extremely important to highlight the issue of toxicity in gaming and provide education on the matter. To her, many members of the gaming community may not be aware that their actions and comments can be hurtful and cause harm to others.

“Taking a positive stand, acknowledging that toxicity does occur and educating others is just one small way to overcome the bigger problem.”
Outside of gaming, MissDeusGeek is into comic books and pop culture. Along with her collection of silver age Spider-Man and X-Men comics, she also enjoys binge-watching good anime. Her brand, Attack on Geek, provides news on the latest films, TV shows, and anime titles. This has given her the opportunities to attend film premiers and related events to provide content. She loves to travel and explore new places and cultures with a mission to see as many World Heritage sites and explore major cities as possible.


MissDeusGeek is a shining example of what others are capable of doing within the community. Being an educator, a role model, and going out there and bringing the community together. She is well deserving of the title of Ambassador of the Month. If you run into MissDeusGeek, give her a congrats and a thank you for her many efforts!

To everyone in the community,

“Keep up the good work of supporting one another and being so welcoming to other gamers. It is your warmth and acceptance that helped me feel safe and comfortable to play games online and has made me a huge fan girl of Xbox and the Xbox Ambassadors community. Don’t be afraid to lean on one another when necessary and whenever you can, be sure to check in on fellow community members, just to make sure they’re okay. I look forward to continuing on this wonderful gaming journey and the love of Xbox with all of you and hope to meet more of you online and in person in the foreseeable future.”
If you want to nominate someone for Ambassador of the Month, you can do so here! We’d love to hear about them!


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