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Ambassador of the month—Pandy Yato

With the launch of our new website comes the launch of the new ways to highlight amazing Ambassadors in our community. Say goodbye to the Q&A Ambassador Spotlight and welcome a new, creative form of spotlight—Ambassador of the month. Ambassador of the month is an honorary title given to Ambassadors who go above and beyond the normal activities of an Ambassador.

The first Ambassador of the month is dedicated to Pandy Yato. She joined the Ambassador program in April 2018 and, during her short time as an Ambassador, has become a huge force in the Ambassador community. Pandy is hailed has being incredibly supportive and inclusive of all gamers. Take a moment to read more about her as a gamer and as a person. But, we haven’t mentioned the best part.

One of the perks of gaining the Ambassador of the month title, besides having a blog dedicated to you, is you get to select one special “grand” reward of your choosing. Something that’s fun and silly. These items could include things like Miss JSP writing you a poem and mailing it you, the team creating a funny caricature of you, or, if you’re Pandy Yato, making your favorite team member dance on stream.  

Step into my world—a narrative by Pandy Yato 

I joined the Xbox Ambassador Program back in April 2018, on my birthday. I wanted to find a way I could keep myself more occupied during the day but also help others, so joining the Xbox Ambassador Program was a good way to fulfill both those needs for me. 

What I didn’t expect was just how kind and welcoming my fellow Ambassadors and Xbox Ambassador Team would be—I’m incredibly grateful for the friendship they have shown me and for answering my many questions with patience. I’m blessed to call some friends. 

I’m 33 years old, a gamer mom, and live with my two daughters, Aeris and Theia, and our cats, Sora and Shiro, in England. It can be hectic, but the girls are just starting to get into games for themselves. That was another motivation for joining the program—I wanted to learn more and help the community grow into an even better place for them so that one day they might feel the inclusion Xbox’s gaming community offers. 

Some fun facts, my first console was the Nintendo SNES. I have some amazing memories of playing it with my younger brother when we were children, and this was also when I fell in love with Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. This became my favorite game, even to this day, and it introduced me to the fantasy genre, which is still my preferred game genre to play. 

However, my everyday life sadly contains a lack of dragon fighting. I’m a huge anime fan, especially anything horror or fantasy, such as Log Horizon or Overlord. I also write about games for Ambassadorsview.com, which is a site created by Ambassador Zemi, Xbox Ambassador and Ambassador Core Creator. It’s not an opportunity I would have gotten had I not been an Ambassador. I really do enjoy writing, especially about indie games, so this is a welcome outlet for me. 

My favorite part about being an Ambassador is just how much I have learned about the community. It is easy for the gaming community to get bad press; however, so much good is overlooked. There are people who stream for charities that is wonderful but underreported. With so many gamers wanting to do good, it seems like the community is moving in a great direction, encouraging inclusivity and positivity, which is exciting to be part of. 

Another part of the program that is so great is the team members themselves. They’re all so friendly and helpful and truly do so much to make sure all Ambassadors have the best experience. However, Mister Sconnie is my favorite member of team. When I joined, he was my ACE before he became the program’s Operations Lead (congrats) and gradually over time, he became my confidant and someone I could talk to if I felt concerned. He has become more like a friend than team member and he is a good person beneath the salt (lol).  

This is the end of my first season as an Ambassador and I have enjoyed so much of it. I didn’t expect the three months to go so quickly and I have been fortunate with the people I have met but also the friendships I has created. Even though it’s online, they have picked me up when I needed a helping hand the most and for that alone, I am grateful to be an Ambassador, so thank you to my PUBG squad. No matter what lies ahead, I’m proud of each Ambassador and the kindness they show to the Xbox community and each other. 

Pandy Yato’s grand prize 

For being an amazing Ambassador and the first Ambassador of the month winner, Pandy has asked for her favorite Xbox Ambassador Team member, Mister Sconnie, to dance on stream. The stream will happen during July and don’t worry, we will make sure to let all Ambassadors know when this stream is once it’s scheduled. No one wants to miss Sconnie dancing, that’s for sure!  

Let’s take a moment to applaud Pandy Yato for being a great Ambassador. It just goes to show that one person can make an impact immediately and that one’s warm and welcoming personality can change lives, make meaningful relationships, and make this community a little sweeter. You and every Ambassador make this community shine bright, so thanks to you, Pandy, and all Ambassadors.  


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