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Ambassador of the Month – The Alpha Ambassadors

Note: Alpha Ambassadors are now Xbox Ambassador Community Champions! You can learn more about what that means at: https://blog-ambassadors.xbox.com/introducing-community-champions-a-new-xbox-ambassador-role/

Xbox Ambassadors exemplify what it means to be a positive contributor in today’s gaming ecosystem. Whether it be welcoming new gamers online or connecting with other gamers to share their Xbox knowledge, Ambassadors are at the forefront of making gaming fun for everyone. When you think of the words dedicated, trustworthy, and leader in the Xbox Ambassadors community, there’s isn’t a question of who comes to mind. Always there when you need them and leading by example, we give you the Alphas – aka Scratch, Bowski477, FearedNightmare, Kiesey, Mistress Sara, NorthernZoot, RandyAU93, Smwutches, and WPAK!

“Being an Alpha means being someone that’s passionate about this program and community and would do anything they can to see both grow and improve… A healthy community is one where people from all over the world can come together and share their passion.” – Smwutches


Even though their love for gaming started in different ways, from playing with family and friends to being gifted a console, what keeps them so involved is how gaming has created lifetime friendships and memories with others from all around the world.

“Gaming allowed me to connect to people whom I can now call my best friends, both in the online space and in real life. The games may not be real, but the memories you make with them certainly are.” – FearedNightmare

A headshot of FearedNightmare with the caption "Feared once fell all the way down from the top of a rope climbing exercise,"

Most of the Alphas started their Ambassadorship when the program first launched almost a decade ago, when it was through invitation only. As the program grew and evolved, the rest joined when they learned about what Ambassadors were all about. The driving force that keeps them engaged in the is their desire to help others and their belief in Xbox’s mission to make gaming more inclusive of all, safe for all, and accessible to all.

“The thing that makes me stay in the community and the part that made me join was assisting others and enjoying Xbox as a whole. I see the program evolving to make gaming fun for everyone and I hope that it will have more and more influence on the gaming community.” – WPAK

Headshot of WPAK wearing a motorcycle helmet with the caption "WPAK did Ballroom and Latin dancing for years!"

As the community grew, Alpha Ambassadors were selected to be the voice of the community, becoming role models to other Ambassadors while working with the Xbox Ambassadors team to help grow and improve the program. Not only are they an asset to the team, they are vital to the community by being present and providing guidance around the clock, keeping our social spaces safe and welcoming, and helping shape the future of the program with their unique perspective.

“I view [being an Alpha] as being a role model to other Ambassadors, and that is something I take very seriously… I’d like to keep providing a forum for real-time support and if we can be that beacon of positivity that helps tone down the rampant toxicity we’re seeing in online gaming, then the Ambassador program is precisely where it needs to be.” – RandyAU93

A headshot of Randy with the caption "Randy has ridden over 325 rollercoasters in the United States and Canada"

Working together with the same goal in mind, Alphas support each other and have healthy interactions with the community in and outside of the program. Being an Alpha Ambassador means also giving back to the community in ways like creating community-driven content, volunteering and fundraising for charity, helping gamers achieve accomplishments they’ve been struggling with, resisting toxicity, and being part of developing and launching community initiatives.

“[My most positive gaming experience is when] I did an Extra Life charity stream. I had always seen friends doing it and I finally decided that I would do it. While I’m not much of a streamer I had so much fun gaming all day for a good cause.” – Bowski

A picture of Bowski's avatar and the caption "Bowski has a wealth of unnecessary fandom knowledge. Seriously through, her harry Potter books are falling apart due to overuse."

Even simple things can have a big impact and those moments are the most memorable.

“There was a day when I was at a local gaming event, streaming live from a “Mixer Streaming Rig” trailer with Xbox Canada. A boy walked up to the rig, staring at it with a big smile on his face. He asked if he could take a picture and I said sure. He stepped back to take the shot and I said ‘Nah, come up here and take the shot.’ His face lit up. He handed the camera to his dad and climbed up. This kid got to be a streamer for few minutes, on an official Xbox channel. He later tweeted out that it was the “Best Day Ever!” and thanked us for letting him play.

I’ve done a lot of cool stuff in the gaming community, but seeing that kid’s smile as he sat there playing games… That was the best gaming experience ever.” – NorthernZoot

A headshot of Northern Zoot and the caption "Zoot puts the 'break' in breakdancing and he can sing 'BlackBetty' and nail it!"

The gaming environment can sometimes get toxic. Before jumping to conclusions, Alphas address this by being compassionate moderators while trying to understand the cause.

“When I see toxicity in any community, I try to get to the root cause. It could be someone is just unhappy and wants someone that will just listen to them. Other times, it is someone who doesn’t know where to go to get help and is lashing out. I’ve learned over the years that toxicity doesn’t help anyone. It’s healthier to have positivity in one’s life so I try to at least find something positive to fight the toxicity.” – Mistress Sara

A headshot of Mistress Sara and the caption "Future crazy (stuffed) cat lady aka Mistress Sara has over 300 stuffed animals with more than half being cats/tigers!"

United under one mission, Alphas and Ambassadors are leading the way in changing gaming culture to be a more positive experience for all. The environment is made up of people from all walks of Earth and inclusion and understanding can go a long way.

“I believe a healthy gaming community is a community where people of many differences come together under one common umbrella of interest. Gaming knows no bounds in terms of race, religion, political views, creed, skin color or beliefs. All people generally enjoy gaming and it is the great equalizer among the human race. You get to know them personally and develop an unbiased opinion of them. It truly is the great equalizer and bridges many gaps.” – aka Scratch

A headshot of Scratch and the caption "Scratch exceeds all character and word limits. His insight cannot be contained."

To the community:

“You are all awesome! This program is what it is today because of all the hard work we have all put into it. Reach out and help others who need it, make sure to stay positive and try to be patient and understanding of everyone no matter what, you don’t know what kind of day that person is having. You can help that person to have a better day and that is what it is all about. We are all on the same team. Stay strong, stay positive, help one another.” – Kiesey

A headshot of Kiesey with the caption "Kiesey runs on Tim Hortons. Tim hortons is a coffee and doughnut restaurant. Go to Canada and try it!"

All of the Alphas have been in the program for years. With their experience and knowledge, we can work together and succeed in making our program grow to the next level. When you run into an Alpha online, take a moment to thank them for all that they do. We truly are grateful to have them in the community!


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