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Ambassador Spotlight: BlondiebutGeeky

We all have that friend who’s full of energy and generally just a great deal of fun to be around, and it goes without saying that that’s a phenomenal friend to have. And thanks to BlondiebutGeeky, Ambassadors and Xbox community members who frequent a variety of Beam and Twitch streams as well as Xbox One Clubs don’t have to look very far to make that kind of friend on Xbox Live!

BlondiebutGeeky is entering her third Season as an Xbox Ambassador and contributes a great deal of positivity to the Program. This energy isn’t just present in BlondiebutGeeky’s time as an Ambassador, however. It’s also put toward a great many other things, such as caring for her daughter, helping her Gears of War Club members battle their way to victory and baking beautiful and nerdy cakes and cake pops.

Meet BlondiebutGeeky

Learn more about how BlondiebutGeeky became an Ambassador, what upcoming game she’s most looking forward to, how she uses the Xbox One Club and Looking for Group features, and more in our Q&A below.

How long have you been a member of the Xbox Community? What do you love most about playing on Xbox Live?  

I’ve been playing Xbox for probably eight years now. The things I love most about Xbox is the challenge of the games and the community. It’s a massive playground of common grounds, in which I love [meeting up] with fellow gamers and playing.

What sorts of games do you play in your free time? Any games coming up that you’re specifically looking forward to playing? 

MMOs and FPS games are typically what I play. I used to [only play] shooters and run and gun types […but] campaigns and puzzle games have been occupying my time lately. (ID@Xbox has a fantastic selection of these.) I also have a back log that needs to be addressed!

The game I am highly anticipating this year is Sea of Thieves. I have been lucky enough to play in a few Alpha tests and have nothing but good things to say about it, but I can’t (LOL) because we are under a NDA. What I can say is it’s a fun multiplayer game that will leave you literally in tears laughing and having so much fun sailing the high seas, treasure hunting and pillaging.

I see a pattern now: I like games that require teamwork and good times!

Okay, so we’ve heard (from fellow Ambassadors and Mister Teal, of course) that you’re pretty phenomenal at Gears of War. Any tips for gamers who aren’t as familiar with the franchise or are just now getting into first person shooters?

With Gears of War, I fell in love with the story. I became attached emotionally, and yes, I even shed tears [around a death in the game]! Being emotionally invested, it gave me a passion for the game. Well played, Coalition.

As for my tips, honestly I would say get to know a bit of the fundamentals of the game, do some research, watch trailers and videos from the franchise and streamers. For a game like Gears of War 4 Horde, you need to get a grasp of what your classification is and what is required from you.

[Since] you are part a team, you can’t win the game alone – you will fail and fail your team [if you try]. Listen to those who have played and don’t be afraid to ask lots questions. If you know someone that is good, go watch their streams or ask to play with them. (I am always willing to help out.)  [Playing with and watching others play is] IMO the best way to pick up a game quickly.

Some of our fellow Ambassadors stream tips, tricks and walkthroughs, and this will help! Also, don’t forget that if you struggle with controller configuration, you can change these usually in the game options. Elite [controller owners,] you have a leg up [and] a world of configurations.

You mentioned during some of our previous chats that you’ve recently gotten into “geeky baking.” Can you talk a bit about that?

For me this was a perfect outlet for my baking love and with the gaming industry booming, it’s a simple way to earn some extra money.  😉  I love making things like [game-related] cake pops, [comic-related] cupcakes, and my favorite droid-inspired chocolate candy pops.   I am actually finishing up a Harley Quinn cake that is red and black checkerboard inside. It has taken a few days to perfect. It’s another way to express my geeky side. Funny thing is I don’t eat a lot of sweets!  (That could be dangerous.)

On top of being an active participant in Xbox and Xbox Ambassadors streams – I’ve seen you in several myself, in fact! – you also champion Xbox One Clubs and the Looking for Group feature. What are some clubs you enjoy, and how have these features broadened your gaming experience?

Mainly Gears, of course, where I help admin for a group called “Gears of War Horde Mode,” [as well as] a few Sea of Thieves clubs, a few fellow gamers’ clubs, and Xbox and community-support related ones.  I’ve joined clubs for the games I enjoy or like keeping track of. I wish we didn’t have such a small cap on how many you can join – just throwing that out there, Xbox Clubs [team].

The LFG feature has helped me so much in completing many Achievements. It’s also brought many fun gaming nights.  It helps so much in Raids and Horde […as] you can find serious gamers [to play with…] You can also set up private matches that allow you to pause in some games, for whatever reason [you might need to] – kids, parents, bathroom breaks (Horde can take a 2-3 hours, lol!).

[LFG] has opened up a whole world for gamers that have a small friends list. It’s changed gaming for me!

One of the first things we ever talked about is how much you love technology and how that love led you to leave the fashion world. Can you talk a bit about what you were doing in the world of fashion and what you’re doing now? 

Funny short story: I started off doing some small runway modeling and eventually ended up managing a store that’s yearly revenue contributed over a million dollars to the company. It was brutal, and I struggled with the people. Retail had so much drama; hence, time for a change.

I always found myself messing with all types of technology, from gaming devices to computers in my free time. If it had software or buttons, I was intrigued. I love what technology has to offer: it even helps individuals with disabilities on so many levels.

This [last point really strikes] home for me. My daughter was diagnosed with Deletion 22q [also known as DiGeorge syndrome] and couldn’t speak at three years old (I never heard “Mommy”) and was in need of assisted technology or surgery. As a single mom I had a tough choice to make, I looked into the device, but I opted for surgery first, and it worked! FYI, she’s been making up for those 3 years since (I heard “Mommy” and bawled like baby!) [Even though I chose the surgery,] I was so glad the technology was available and an option.

[Technology’s] uses are endless!  I was always looking at, playing with or taking apart something electronic, so I decided to make a career out of my passion and became a certified software and IT specialist. I’m lucky to do what I love.

When and how did you hear about the Ambassadors Program? How have you seen the Program grow?

I ran across a stream one day, and I just [joined in on the] chat and the rest is history. I have been active since [because] it’s so engaging and positive.

[And wow] has it grown: I wish I knew the total Ambassadors from four Seasons ago to today. It has exploded! The types of people the Ambassadors Program brings in are a perfect fit in my life. I have made so many friends through the Program, and we all enjoy playing games together in our free time. Some say friends come in all shapes and sizes – mine come in a box, the Xbox!

What Ambassador Activities do you most like taking part in, and why? Do you have a specific memory related to your time with the Program?

I try to be involved wherever I am needed. I find the best fit for me is in the Support Chat Bank or Watchtower. If I can help a fellow gamer or parent that needs a bit of guidance with the Xbox, then I’ve done my duties.

My favorite memory was Season Four.  I jumped in with both feet and realized how much fun I was actually having helping out the community. Everyone is so grateful and appreciative of your help – it’s such a great feeling. I was very proud of wrapping Season Four up in the Elite Tier and almost breaking into the Top 100!

I will continue to help out wherever and whenever I can! Cheers to Season Five!  Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of such an amazing community, it has changed my life.

You can get to know BlondiebutGeeky on Xbox Live or follow her on Twitter, where she posts photos of the gaming-related cakes and cake pops she makes. BlondiebutGeeky will also be appearing on an upcoming episode of This Week on Xbox, so keep an eye out for her “Did You Know?” tip!


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