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Ambassador Spotlight: GDN Gianniplay

This Ambassador Spotlight is dedicated to GDN Gianniplay, our favorite Italian, who joined the Xbox Community in November 2006 and has been an Xbox Ambassador since 2017! When he’s not in the Xbox Ambassador Discord channel chatting with Ambassadors, he can be found devouring every fantasy novel and on Twitter.

Meet GDN Gianniplay

Gianni is more than just a great Ambassador who currently holds one of the top 100 Leaderboard spots, he’s an incredibly inclusive Ambassador who plays games with community members from all over the world, who helps all gamers no matter their location, and is genuinely always a fantastic person to connect with.

How long have you been a member of the Xbox Community? What do you love most about playing on Xbox Live?

I’ve been a member of Xbox Live community since November 2006, thanks to Gears of War—it was love at first sight (for two years I had only played that game). One of the best part of XBL for me is the community, I’ve found a lot of good friends from all around the world in more than 10 years.

When and how did you hear about the Ambassador Program? How have you seen the Program grow?

I had known about the Xbox Ambassador Program, but thanks to some friends who were already in, I decided to join the program last year. In the last four seasons, I’ve seen massive growth of our Mixer channel. It’s amazing seeing how many new followers we have every day.

What sorts of games do you play in your free time? Any games coming up that you’re specifically looking forward to playing?

I don’t have a “favorite genre”, but I play competitive games like PUBG, Overwatch, and Gears of War 4 and I literally can’t wait to get my hands on Sea of Thieves—this game will be awesome!

What Ambassador activities do you most like taking part in and why?

I’m very active on the chat bank and Twitter. In my opinion, those are the most direct and personal ways to give the best help to fellow gamers. I feel like those avenues help me provide the best help, and that makes me feel good knowing I’m helping gamers all over the world.

Do you have a specific memory related to your time as an Ambassador you’d like to share?

First season, first chat ever—I was struggling to understand what the gamer was asking me, so I started thinking, “You’re not ready, your English is not very good, you can’t help him.” Then, suddenly, the gamer apologizes for their English because they were an Italian using Google Translate. From that moment we continued talking in Italian and every negative thought I had disappeared. Talking about the program, I want to thank every single Ambassador and staff member for making me feel part of this amazing family—AdorableCyborg in particular. She’s a very special person to me, and she knows why.

Tell us something about yourself that the Xbox community may not know about you.

Something that some Ambassadors may not know about me is that one of the reasons why I love Xbox so much is because I met my girlfriend and future wife on Xbox 11 years ago playing Gears of War! So, it’s very easy for me to say Xbox changed my life. I could not be happier!


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