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Ambassador spotlight: Genesis1953


One afternoon, with the sun high and the weather hanging around 70-degrees Fahrenheit, Genesis1953 allowed us to remotely interview them for a spotlight on this blog. The noted Ambassador has been part of the Program since only April, yet they have managed to make it to the top of the Leaderboard both in Season Three and Season Four, with Legendary badges on their profile from Seasons Two and Three.

It takes great determination to make it to the top in the Xbox Ambassadors Program, but involvement in each Activity can help (engagement opportunities offered by the Program involving the Support Chat BankXbox ForumsXbox Feedback and Ambassadors on Twitter).


Genesis1953’s performance in Season Three demonstrates why they’ve been so successful on the Leaderboard. Genesis1953 ended Season Three as a Master Tier and Legendary Ambassador with 200,365 earned XP and 7,130 Activities completed through Support Chat – with even more XP unlocked by completing other Activities

“I was working in [Forums.Xbox.com] for about a year prior, and a couple of Ambassadors suggested that I sign up for the Program,” Genesis recalls. “I just enjoy helping people out. Just to know that the problem has been resolved is a great feeling. Another thing, I learn a lot, too, and I have always enjoyed learning new things.”

The two platforms Genesis1953 prefers are Support Chat and Twitter, and of all the things that they have learned since becoming an Ambassador, patience is most notable. “I have to understand that [the Helpee is] generally frustrated when they contact us, and showing a little understanding and compassion goes a long way to calming them down and making them more willing to work with you.”

A reader, Genesis1953 spends most of their free time – the free time not spent on gaming, at least – researching across two favorite subjects: History and Science. “I really enjoy the World War II era in history and the inner and outer space areas in the science field.”

While period pieces in the fictional realm can be enticing, Genesis1953 finds the nonfiction world of literature and media the most intriguing. “I really enjoy the science-fiction pieces that [incorporate] the facts as well as the fiction. That would be when I am in it for the enjoyment factor alone.” They are drawn in by the experience of research and growth of knowledge, so fact-checking is a regular part of this subject’s consumption.

“[…] As you might guess, I really enjoy the war games, because if they are on World War I or World War II, during the cut scenes they have interesting tidbits of the real history mixed in.”

But it’s not all sci-fi and history. Genesis1953 also enjoys Forza Horizon 6: “I am more of a car enthusiast. I really enjoy [Forza Horizon 6] when I decide to get away from shooters.” Their favorite vehicle is the Ford GT.

The time that they have spent with the Xbox Ambassadors Program has been fulfilling. The key to their success: “Ask concise and direct questions so as to minimize the time required to resolve the . Always keep [your] mind open for other ideas and suggestions that may help [in the future].”


As of this post, Genesis1953 is in the Master Tier for Season Four. Through Support Chat, they’ve unlocked 76,545 XP and completed 2,827 Activities. Through Twitter, there’s been another successful 13,200 XP unlocked and 528 Activities completed. With Xbox Feedback, they’ve managed 120 XP unlocked and 24 completed Activities. And finally, the Xbox Forums has seen 93 Activities completed by Genesis1953 and 3,175 XP unlocked. Don’t believe us? See for yourself.

Truth is, we could all learn something from Genesis1953’s dedication. “The people are great; they have always been more than willing to help when I would have a question. Again, that is another one of those learning things that I really enjoy – gaining knowledge from someone else’s experience.”

“Gamers helping other gamers: What could be better than that?”


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