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Ambassador Spotlight: XxDestinyLordxX

This Ambassador Spotlight is dedicated to XxDestinyLordxX who joined the Xbox Community in August of 2012! Along with being an Ambassador, XxDestinyLordxX also streams on Mixer and helps family members become avid lovers of Xbox.

When and how did you hear about the Ambassadors Program? How have you seen the Program grow?

I stumbled across the program one day when I was in the forums and saw “Xbox Ambassador,” so I did some research and I applied and got accepted. I’ve seen the program grow from when it started on Windows Live Messenger and the buggy “Megabot” to Skype and then to the website. I have seen people come and go, and the community come together and support one another. The jump to Twitter was something I had hoped for and when it came I was one of the first Ambassadors to work with it. I look forward to all things to come in this program in the foreseeable future.

What sorts of games do you play in your free time? Any games coming up that you’re specifically looking forward to playing?

I play a lot of different games, my favorite are RPG’s, adventure, shooter, and racing. I’m looking forward to playing Sea of Thieves and Dragon Ball Fighter Z. However, I’m really looking and hoping for some news on a new installment in the Forza Horizon series.

Do you stream regularly? If so, what’s your channel and the games you like to play the most?

Yes, I stream Monday through Saturday on Mixer.com/MatrixGlitch and mostly play Destiny 2 and Elder Scrolls Online with other games in between. I also do a web show on Wednesday’s.

Do you have a specific memory related to your time as an Ambassador you’d like to share?

My favorite memory during my time as being an Ambassador was during the E3 2014 Ambassadors challenge for the E3 pin, I was originally a silver pin recipient until a recount and I was bumped to a gold pin. I was so happy to see that because it meant that I had successfully helped 100 separate users!

Tell us something about yourself that the Xbox community may not know about you (any stories that you may want to share).

Most people don’t know this, but I have helped my sister and brother come to Xbox. When I got my Xbox One S, I gave my original Xbox One to my brother because he couldn’t get one. Then upon winning my Xbox One X, I decided to give my Xbox One S to my sister. I’ve bought season passes, games, and Xbox Live memberships for my friends who are less fortunate then me–it is just something that at the end of the day it makes me feel good to know I can help others making their days a little bit better.

Catch XxDestinyLordxX on Xbox Live and Mixer. We thank XxDestinyLordxX and all Xbox Ambassadors for the significant help that’s provided to our community!


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