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Ambassadors Spotlight: blueamcat

This Ambassadors Spotlight is dedicated to blueamcat who joined the Xbox community in October of 2012. When blueamcat isn’t being an amazing Ambassador and giving back to the Xbox community, she’s being a fantastic gamer mom, coffee lover, and graphic designer.

How long have you been a member of the Xbox Community? What do you love most about playing on Xbox Live?

I’ve been an active Xbox gamer since 2002. Much more so in the last six years though. I think the best part about Xbox Live is being able to jump online after my kids go to bed and join up with gamers from all over!

When and how did you hear about the Ambassadors Program?

I heard about the Xbox Ambassadors Program back in 2012 when I joined Twitter. I’m pretty sure I found out about it on Twitter and signed up right away.

What sorts of games do you play in your free time? Any games coming up that you’re specifically looking forward to playing?

Most of my free time goes to Destiny 2 right now. I enjoy playing a large variety of games, but that’s my go-to. I am really looking forward to Sea of Thieves. A lot of my clan is getting the game, so I know I’ll have plenty of people to play with.

What Ambassador activities do you most like taking part in and why?

I am on Twitter a lot already, so I do enjoy answering people on there most of the time. But I’ve had a lot of fun and rewarding conversations with people in the chat bank as well.

Do you have a specific memory related to your time as an Ambassador you’d like to share?

I think this past year has been the most memorable so far. With the launch of the Discord channels, I feel more connected with fellow Ambassadors and the awesome staff.

So, you’re a coffee loving gamer mom, do any of your children share your love of video games? If so, what games do they love to play?

My son is old enough to play games with me, and we enjoy playing couch co-op games. Right now, it’s either Minecraft, Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime, or something else kid-friendly.

Tell us something about yourself that the Xbox community may not know about you.

I was a snowboard instructor for kids 10 and under for about three seasons. It was fun being able to teach a younger generation my favorite winter sport.

Let’s take this opportunity to congratulate blueamcat for being a fantastic Xbox Ambassador! She’s continuously active in our community, is always willing to help passionate Xbox gamers, and currently holds one of the top ten Leaderboard spots for Season Nine.

As always, thank you to all Xbox Ambassadors, and let’s keep the spotlights coming!


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