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An open letter to Xbox Ambassadors: leading gamers to a better tomorrow

One of the greatest things about being a gamer is that you are not alone. Over 58 million monthly active gamers are on Xbox Live with more joining every day. It’s magical to watch people come together with one common passion—gaming. In this community, we see gamers who lead, fight through the negativity, welcome all, and who truly want to make gaming fun for everyone. We see you, Xbox Ambassadors.  

The evolution of the Xbox Ambassadors program 

Back in 2011, this program was built with the goal of bringing gamers together. Over the years, we’ve seen you help and connect with fellow gamers by sharing your passion and knowledge for Xbox on a variety of channels like Chat, Twitter, the Xbox forums, and YouTube. These contributions to the Xbox community have been so powerful, it got us thinking, “Why stop there?” 

As a community, Ambassadors have a proven track record of not only helping other gamers by answering their questions, but also spreading positivity across Xbox by making meaningful friendships, supporting worthy charities, welcoming new Xbox gamers, and much more. 

Through surveys we have learned that many of our current set of activities is exactly what some Ambassadors would like to do. However, other Ambassadors expressed interest in new Xbox activities. Our goal is to offer something for everyone to make Xbox Ambassadors as influential as possible. 

So, as your Xbox Ambassadors Team, we’re making it our mission to empower all Ambassadors to make an even greater impact on the community by rewarding and recognizing you for all the good you do in the Xbox community. Plus, with Phil Spencer’s commitment to making Xbox a safe and fun place for everyone, it couldn’t be a better time to expand upon the platforms and activities Ambassadors participate in. 

To sum it up, we’re giving you more ways to make an impact. And, whether you’re a new Xbox Ambassador who just joined the program or a veteran Xbox Ambassador who has been around even before the program officially started, you have a place here and always will. 

Making Xbox fun for everyone 

Not long ago, we introduced self-reported activities and tested them as missions to understand which themes and activities you were most interested in doing. We’re thrilled to announce that they were well received by our Ambassadors as well as partner teams across Xbox. 

Gaming for everyone 

Gaming for everyone (G4E) is Xbox’s commitment to making Xbox a place where everyone has fun. Gamers are at the center of everything we do at Xbox, and the fans are a diverse audience with varying interests, gaming preferences, and needs. Gaming for everyone is about respect—for the gamer, the medium, and the industry. 

The Xbox Ambassadors program has officially partnered with G4E to make Ambassadors the forefront of their efforts to create a more inclusive, welcoming, and diverse community and service. 

Below are activities you’ve already seen and done within the program that are related to the G4E commitment.  

  • Play with a new-to-Xbox gamer 
  • Welcome new Xbox Ambassadors Club members 
  • Play games with other members of the Xbox Ambassadors Club 

We hope to make some of these permanent features within the program. 

Gamer safety 

Creating and maintaining a safe experience on Xbox Live is of the utmost importance for Xbox, and keeping Xbox safe is equal parts community and platform features. As natural leaders in the Xbox community, we want to keep you informed and aware of Xbox safety features, so you are equipped to help gamers stay safe.  

Below are activities you’ve already seen and done within the program that are related to gamer safety. 

  • Your Xbox safety, your way 
  • Control your conversations 

Remember those missions? We’re going to launch more like it. 

A focus on accessibility  

Xbox knows that not every gamer games the samethere are some gamers who require features to ensure they keep having the most fun while playing on Xbox. Xbox is striving to be the industry leader by ensuring every single gamer has the tools they need to game on and game strong.  

As an Xbox Ambassador, we want you to feel empowered to increase your knowledge on Xbox accessibility features through program-related activities so that you can pass on that knowledge. 

Be on the lookout for new self-reported missions centered around the impact of accessibility. 

  • Learn about the Xbox Adaptive controller  
  • Zoom in with Magnifier  
  • Read your screen with Narrator  

When everybody plays, we all win. 

What’s next for Xbox Ambassadors 

So, what does this all mean? We are actively working to add a new set of activities and features to the existing Xbox Ambassadors program. To start, you will continue to see these self-reported activities in missions until we are able to make them permanent and automated features of the program. We understand the need to have a way of tracking these activities in real time and currently have engineering work being done to automate new activities in the future. We do ask for your patience as work like this takes time and we want to make sure we get it right. 

We’d also like to let you know that while we are working to introduce new activities to the program, the existing activities will continue to be supported and remain equally important to our team and Xbox. The connections Ambassadors have on the Xbox forums, Twitter, and YouTube are vital to making Xbox fun for everyone. 

Help us shape the future 

To continue building the program up and outward, your voice is needed. Gaming for everyone, gamer safety, and accessibility are great avenues for Ambassadors to get started, but there are countless ways you can have a positive impact on the gaming community. 

We’re asking you—what do you want to see? What kind of new self-reported missions or program-related activities would you find valuable? What could you see doing in the community that you would like to see made part of the program? 

Here’s your chance to share with us your vision for Xbox Ambassadors.

Please fill out the form above, and as always, feel free to share your thoughts with your Community Manager or reach out to the program at xboxambs@microsoft.com. 

Sincerely, your Xbox Ambassadors Team 

As Xbox evolves, we will evolve with it and this is an exciting time for Xbox Ambassadors and the program. We believe in empowering every Xbox Ambassador to make gaming fun for everyone. We hope you stay along for the ride. We thank every one of you for the contributions you have made, do make, and will continue to make in the Xbox community. 


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