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Announcing the launch of Season Three

It’s July 1 and time to jump straight into what Season Three has to offer! While last Season was big – bringing changes like Multi-Chat, Ambassadors Play, and more and better Rewards – this Season’s already shaping up to be the best one yet. This blog post will be all about Season Three, from reminders about Tiers and Rewards to exciting new features that are either out now or just on the horizon.

But, first up! Let’s introduce Season Three’s theme, which you may have already pieced together based off of art from Seasons One and Two: It’s Dusk! Throughout this Season, you’ll be treated to some lovely designs by Misses Sunny, our very own Design Coordinator, who thinks fireflies are pretty cool (as you might be able to tell). You’ll notice these designs in the image above as well as in the revamped Monthly Newsletter and the Top 100 coin; it’ll pop up in other places, too, so keep your eyes open!

S3 Coin


Want to know what else you can earn this Season, outside of the Legendary coin? Here’s a quick rundown of Season Thee’s Tiers, the XP required to unlock a Tier and the Rewards tied to each:


100 XP required, Season Ambassador Profile Badge rewarded


1,000 XP required, Season Themed Avatar Item rewarded


3,000 XP required, Season Design Avatar Item rewarded


8,000 XP required, Ambassadors-Branded Socks rewarded


20,000 XP required, Master Tier Sweepstakes Ticket rewarded


We’re continuing to build on some of the Activities we set into motion in Season Two! Here’s an update on some of the things you can do and how to get started:


The Feedback pilot will be carried into July! Instead of rewarding XP per Activity, we’ll be launching a brand new quest-style Mission geared around voting for and commenting on ideas. If you accept and complete this Mission, you’ll earn XP and a “Feedback Beta” badge for use in your Ambassador Profile once the badge system has been implemented.

Feedback Accolade

Ambassadors Play

We’ve finished viewing our first round of Ambassadors Play pilots and have selected a few streamers to host their own shows on our channel! You will be able to find these new shows through the Community Calendar app on Xbox One and online throughout Season Three. We plan to reopen applications in the near future and can’t wait to be charmed by even more of our Ambassadors!

Ambassadors on YouTube

Our YouTube channel is up and running, and we hope you enjoy and make use of the content your fellow Ambassadors are putting out! You can now find YouTube activities listed on the website’s “Join” page, and we’ll be adding and re-opening applications in that very spot shortly.

YouTube Join Page


We made sure to ship two handy features – Site Notifications and our new Welcome Overlay – right before the start of Season Three! You can learn more about them in yesterday’s Patch Notes, but we’ve got two more additions we just can’t wait to tell you about coming out very soon:

Community Missions

Next Tuesday, July 5, you can start completing Missions as a community! We’ll be looking to all our Ambassadors to pitch in and knock out a set number of Activities this month.

Updated Missions

We’ve heard what you’ve had to say about our current Missions page and want to be sure to deliver you something more engaging and interactive! We’ll be updating the visuals and functionality this month and really hope you’ll like it. For now, we’ve prepared a little sneak peek for you (though keep in mind some parts of the design might change a bit).

Missions Page

This is just the tip of the iceberg, Ambassadors. We can’t wait to see what plays out for you all this Season and are committed, as a team, to enhancing the overall Ambassador experience in the coming weeks, months and Seasons.

Tune into the blog next week for a Season Two recap, and stay you, Ambassadors!


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