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August reward round-up

We’re rolling into Month Two of Season Three and continuing to expand the Program every chance we get! Right now, we’re focused on Rewards, Rewards, Rewards – with the goal of offering cooler loot than ever before. This post will pull together information on:

  • What you earned by working together to best the inaugural Community Mission (early, might we add!)
  • What’s up for grabs in the August Sweepstakes
  • And what we’ll be offering in Reward for an exciting Mission launching next week

Community Mission: Rewards and Implementation

This month, we announced and implemented our first ever Community Mission, asking you all to work together to complete 35,000 Activities by the end of August. Not only did you meet our challenge, Ambassadors, but you finished it with a week to spare!

We were excited to see such an engaged response to this new Mission-style and are happy to announce that everyone who contributed to the Mission will receive a Profile Badge commemorating the first ever Community Mission as well as a whopping 20 Sweepstakes Tickets.

Community Mission Badge

You can find concept art of the Community Mission Profile Badge above, and we have a big Profile makeover in the works so you can show off this badge and others. We aim to tease this update soon so be sure you’re checking the blog and Twitter regularly!

August Sweepstakes

Know how we just announced 20 Sweepstakes Tickets as part of the Reward for the Community Mission? Well, we’re pleased to announce you can put those (and any other Sweepstakes Tickets you’ve been earning and saving) toward our biggest Sweepstakes Giveaway in Ambassador History! This month, entrants will be able to win prizes from one of three Tiers:

Amb Sweeps

Keep an eye out for the Sweepstakes to update on the Rewards page next week, and be sure to enter for a chance to win big.

Xbox One S Console Launch Mission

We’re pretty stoked about the Xbox One S console and thought you might be as well, so guess what? The Sweepstakes isn’t the only way to win one! Next week, you can accept a special “Xbox One S Console Launch Mission,” which will run from Monday, Aug. 1, to Sunday, Aug. 7.

For this Mission, all Ambassadors will be able to complete an Xbox One S console quiz (once it’s available to the public) and 5 Support-related Activities each day. For each Mission completed, you’ll receive one entry for the chance to win an Xbox One S console – only one Ambassador will win this big prize so the more days completed, the better your odds!


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