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Batten down the hatches—Sea of Thieves has launched

Today’s the day—Sea of Thieves has set sail! This new type of multiplayer game has changed the way Xbox gamers can become a pirate legend in this free-roaming game. Dive into this fascinating world with Xbox Ambassadors who’ve braved the high seas already. Shiver me timbers!

Land ho!

We’ve been traveling the sea, waiting for the launch of Sea of Thieves, and it’s finally here. We have some amazing Ambassadors who were Beta and Scale Testers for Sea of Thieves, and here’s what they have to say about the game. Who knew being a pirate could be so much fun?

“I absolutely think it will be a great game to bring the community together not only because team work is such an important feature, but because you can come across other convoys who may or may not be friendly. While testing, I really enjoyed that this was a game that was challenging because of riddles and battles, but it’s also a huge stress reliever game, which is a nice break from all the heavily focused shooter multiplayer games.” – emericagirl24

“I love being in betas in general, the fact you get to help improve games. I’m extremely excited for the game especially getting to see things and do things that were not included in the beta.” – PyrosPlayhouse

“Playing Sea of Thieves was a game that finally unlocked my inner child of pirate fantasy. Being on the waves is so calming. Sailing is the best part for me. I also found myself playing solo just to enjoy sailing. I’m even getting better at fighting other ships.” – MoonLiteWolf

“I think this game is going to be great. Even with teams of 4. Once we’re out on the open water with friends and learn to work together to collect the treasure, fight off other parties, etc. I think we’ll end up losing ourselves to the excitement of exploring. I think this franchise could be as big as Halo or Gears of War.” – Onyx62is

Double XP for Sea of Thieves mission

The sea is vast, and so is this week’s oh so special, oh so pirate mission—Become more pirate. This isn’t any ordinary mission; this mission holds a treasure chest filled with double bonus XP! Complete five activities in these areas to complete a step: Support Chat, Twitter, and Xbox Forums. What’s more, this mission has a nearly impossible number of steps, so what do ya say? Are you up for the pirate challenge for that sweet double bonus XP?

The sea is calling for the most legendary pirates, are you ready to answer? Accept this new mission and start earning that booty.

Be more pirate … Arrr!

If you’re an Xbox Ambassador who lives in the Greater Seattle area, make sure to come join us at the Microsoft store in Bellevue Square. We will be there celebrating the launch of Sea of Thieves with pirate-themed contests, consoles set up for community gameplay, and so much more!

If you can’t join us, that’s okay! Make sure to tag us in all your amazing Sea of Thieves content on Instagram (@XboxAmbassadors) and Twitter (#XboxAmbassadors). Unleash your inner pirate and let the legend begin.

For any Sea of Thieves questions that Ambassadors may get from our community members, be prepared and visit the Sea of Thieves Xbox forums page for helpful answers.

If you haven’t yet made the plunge into pirate greatness, make sure to head over to the Microsoft Store for your digital copy today.


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