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Behind the scenes: Mister Teal sets up the stream room

A lot of work goes into making sure that our room for streaming is in tip-top shape for our viewers and special guests! Over the past year, we’ve had numerous teammates, Ambassadors, and big names from Team Xbox join us for fun games and conversation.

Mister Teal takes on most of the work when it comes to keeping the space inspiring and working – rotating out cool posters of our favorite games, as well as keeping the equipment maintained. We followed Mister Teal around this past week to see what all goes into setting up the room, as he redecorated. So for a little shake up in our usual line-up here on the blog, we hope you enjoy these pictures as a sneak peek of what our streaming space looks like.

We asked Mister Teal a few questions about what goes into making sure the broadcasts are engaging and in working order for everyone watching and attending. Here are some of those answers:

Q: How many collective hours in a week do you say it takes to make sure the equipment is maintained and running for a proper stream? 

A: Every waking moment. [Laughs.] Seriously, though, like 2-3 hours per day that we have a stream in-house, so approximately 6-10 hours per week.

Q: Do you have a running checklist of things you have to do before a stream starts, or does the setup change depending on the broadcasts/guests? 

A: The setup can change based on the content that is going to be captured during the stream, but the typical checklist goes: hardware check, stream overlay check, content check and then social media check.

Q: What goes into making sure that decorations work for the room/stream? Is there any reason you like to change the posters on occasion? 

A: Having a good backdrop is important when you’re shooting, it gives what you’re focused on a better frame and a fun experience for the viewer. I change up the background here and there in order to give the viewer something new to look at during streams.

I think we speak for everyone when we say how much we appreciate Mister Teal keeping the equipment working and the decorations fresh for every stream. Curious about the latest streaming schedule for the Xbox Ambassadors Program? You can learn more here. And don’t forget to follow us on Twitch and Beam!



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