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Celebrating one year of the community blog

Ambassadors, it’s been QUITE the year.

April 5, 2016, Miss Valent1ne and I launched The Community Blog here, and we haven’t looked back – but now that we’re 1 years old (rosy cheeked and taking our first steps) perhaps we should reminisce a little.

Miss V and I worked with the Ambassadors Team for several months to make The Community Blog a reality before it launched. You didn’t see that behind-the-scenes, and unfortunately we don’t have pictures to prove it for a future post, but just trust us, we worked hard. Not just for us, but for you.

When I think back to the planning stages and what it was like posting our first few posts, I can barely believe we’ve made it as far as we have as a blogging platform for you all in the last year.

Remember our first post? We set out with a simple goal: to shine a spotlight on Xbox Community Support and, naturally, the Xbox Ambassadors Program. We’d like to believe we haven’t lost sight of that goal, either.

But our blog isn’t the only thing that has seen a metamorphosis in just one year. The Xbox Ambassadors Program has evolved and changed several times over, and here at The Community Blog, we’ve done our best to post about all of those changes, and make special mention of as many of you as we can.

Remember when we spotlighted the Alpha Ambassadors over a span of three posts?


The Alphas were our first ever spotlights, and their continued work as leaders in this community has always been appreciated. Just like the rest of our Ambassadors, they bring a unique perspective to the program and to the helpees they reach out to each day.

Since our Alpha spotlights, we’ve met so many of you and gotten to learn about your interests, and what it means for you to be an Ambassador. The dedication you have alone still blows us away. We hope you know how lucky we are to have you. Thank you so much for talking with us and getting to know us! And we hope to get to know many more of you in the future.

A few Ambassador Spotlights you all really loved this past year:


It wouldn’t be fair to not make special mention of the folks who make up Xbox Community Support, however. That includes the Xbox Ambassadors Program, Xbox Support Forums and @XboxSupport on Twitter:


(We hope to showcase more of our team in the future. There’s so much to talk about!)

Remember when we saw E3, met you during PAX celebrations, and participated in Extra Life? We do!

With time, we’ve expanded the types of posts we provide you through the blog – from Announcements, Hot Fixes, Updates of the program, Feature Previews of what’s to come and what’s launched and even Guest Posts from some of you! Our hope being that we can be a conduit of information for you, so you never feel left out of the inner workings of the program.


We’ve recapped every season, and we’ve helped launch the start of new seasons. (Do you remember Miss V’s post about what 2016 looked like as a whole? That was a good one!)

In our first year, we went from a barely known blog in the community to a place where we got to meet people in the gaming industry – like Sam Abott and Zachary Cieslinski.

A few posts made it to The Wire – like our Season Three announcement, Season Four announcement, a post for the holidays, and a recent look at what the program can offer now.

Mr. Matthew has given us the deets behind being a pro chatter.

The Xbox Ambassadors Program even launched a new Academy and revealed Ambassadors on Twitter. And Miss Valent1ne and I were there to help you through it all.

*Takes a deep breath.*

Okay, that was a lot, wasn’t it? It’s honestly been an amazing 365+ days for our blog, for Xbox Community Support, the program and we hope for you.

Happy Birthday, us!


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