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Come sit by the Season 12 hearth

As we respectfully push Season 11 out the door, we invite you to welcome Season 12 with open arms. We have a lot to look forward to, and if you watched our Season 12 launch stream, you got a first look into what’s to come. If you didn’t, that’s okay, we have the full recap for you below.

Introducing monthly updates

The Xbox Ambassador Team is aware of the communication gap between initiatives that are being worked on by the program and how we share it with you and your fellow Ambassadors. So, we’re going to fix that. At the start of each season, we’ll share the “First 30 days” and at the start of the next month we’ll share the “Next 30 days” and for the final month of the season we will share the “Last 30 days.” This set of three updates will happen every season on the community blog.

In the next 30 days

We are establishing a new internal communication flows to help us better inform Ambassadors of engineering work and program plans. This new process will include a checklist that helps ensure each update to the program has been well-thought in terms how it impacts your Ambassador experience. As the program continues to evolve, we will be making sure you help us shape the future of the program. This means looping you into the process early through feedback opportunities, surveys, testing, and any other way we can.

In the next 30 days, you can expect us to keep you in the loop on our efforts regarding chat. Here’s the most recent update now—the chat tool is built using several different technical systems that all funnel into one frontend experience—Responder. For the user experience to function properly, each piece of the backend puzzle is dependent on one another. Even though we don’t have a perfect timeline of when it’ll be back, we promise to keep you informed as we learn new developments.

To help you understand more, members of your Xbox Ambassador Team had the pleasure to interview our lead engineer, John, to provide with information straight from the source. A sneak peak of the VoD was played during the stream, but we will be providing the full video soon through our Xbox Ambassador YouTube channel. We will announce once that’s up, so you can learn John’s entire technical vision.

If you don’t already know, we released a social media kit. This includes branded assets you can use on social media, streaming, wallpapers, and anywhere else you’d like. But, that’s not all, we also published a suite of new quizzes in the academy and will be continuing to release new quizzes more frequently.

We also have another super exciting announcement to share that will begin taking form within the next 30 days. This idea for the program was inspired by Phil Spencer’s speech at D.I.C.E. and a survey we sent out to our Ambassadors last November. It became very apparent to us, as a team, that the very issues Phil wants to tackle are greatly aligned with the values our Ambassador community operates by. From that survey, we learned that so many of our Ambassadors like to welcome new gamers, build friendships with other gamers, and overall make a positive impact on Xbox and the Xbox community. So, when we look at issues like discrimination and toxicity in gaming, which Phil has already committed to tackling, and we realized that you and your fellow Ambassadors are already such a bright light in the Xbox community, so why not empower you to do more in that particular space? So, that’s what we will bring to you.

We have already begun work here—the recent refresh of the Ambassadors Club is great example—but we’d like to do more. So, in the next 30 days you may see quizzes, surveys, and blog posts focused on the future of the program through the lens of inclusion, positivity, diversity, and community. Specifically, our team will be enhancing missions with new types of self-reported activities. These activities range from making new friends in Xbox to learning more about different Xbox features. We can’t wait to hear what you think and will certainly give you the best avenues to make suggestions, provide feedback, and start conversations.

So, that’s the next 30 days. Stay tuned, we’ll have more for you.

Season 12’s theme—strength

We’d like to announce the theme for Season 12—strength. Strength has many synonyms, like vigor, courage, power, and vitality. All these terms represent where the Xbox Ambassador Program is going—us doing more and being more, being stronger and brighter, and we can’t do it without the strength you and every Ambassador give to us.

We picked strength because we always have and always will have the capacity for survival. We will always keep striving for the continuation of a meaningful and purposeful existence. Through every change, for better or for worse, we continue to have the power to live and grow. That won’t stop.

So, thanks to all Ambassadors who continue to make this community stronger, better, and inclusive for all gamers.

Watch the full Season 12 launch stream

There was a lot more fun that was had on stream, like the “Two Truths and a Lie” game with members of your team, 100K Mixer excitement, community highlights, and more. So, take some time to have it playing in the background when you’re at work or school, playing video games, or making dinner. The VoD can be found here.

Thanks to you

As always, a huge thanks to all Ambassadors, including you! We are excited for Season 12, and we hope you are too. We’ll chat soon. 😉

Share some love in the comments, like your favorite moments of the Season 12 launch stream, what you’re looking forward to most, or just a great game you’re playing right now.


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