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Come work with ^BB of @XboxSupport

Along with some of our amazing Ambassadors, you’ve met some folks who work for Xbox Community Support (XCS) both on the forums and Twitter. Ever wondered what it is like to work with the team? You can find out! Xbox Support on Twitter is hiring, and we’d love to have you. We’re looking for a gamer with passion for the business and the community.

Our mission has always been gamers helping gamers. In fact, one of our own can tell you all about it:

Ben, otherwise known as BB on @XboxSupport, has been with Xbox Community Support for almost five years. “I started on Halloween day in 2011,” BB says. “Before I worked here, I was definitely a gamer.” He recalls one of his most played games at the time was Halo 3 on the Xbox 360.

BB heard about the position with XCS through a friend and bandmate. “[My friend] described it as a place where he could be himself, and it wasn’t a place that was uptight and traditionally corporate,” BB says. For BB, the team sounded like the perfect place for him to be. Now, in 2016, BB is a shift lead for the morning crew on Twitter. The shift begins Tweeting at 6 a.m. PT and ends around 3 p.m. PT, in which the other shifts step in to help until midnight PT.

As a shift lead, BB is beholden to the commitment in which XCS strives to foster a strong community for Xbox Live gamers. “It’s like when we first started, we were one of the first few teams on Twitter really doing this,” BB says. “We’re the ones who get it, we’re gamers, too. We get what [the community] is going through […] and we understand their experiences because we play the games, too.”

BB also adds that the perk of working on the morning shift with him includes his constant playlists of 90s rock music and the Death Star-shaped waffles he makes for breakfast.

But BB isn’t all about his job. Just like anyone else on the team, he has his own interests and passions. “[You] can still pursue other passions and other avenues in life and have that be encouraged and accepted here,” he says. “Outside of here, I do lots of things, man. I play bass and sing for [my band] Moneta. I play sports – I’m on a basketball team and a softball team. I do trivia every week with my team, ‘Slow Clap it Out.’ We’re the champions! We’ve won three weeks in a row.” BB values the time that he has outside of work to passionately pursue what he loves to do, but he also appreciates being able to take his creativity to his job each day.

In terms of the types of people that make up XCS, BB thinks that the more variety of personalities we have, the stronger we can become.

“We have such great diversity on the team,” BB says. He believes that the team’s strength lies in what every individual can bring to @XboxSupport. Every member on the team has their own strengths, weaknesses and gaming knowledge. “We always look for people who are different – for people that we maybe don’t have anyone else like them,” BB says.

Our team does more than just Tweet the community, though. The team is made up of people who are creatively thinking about what the community wants and what we can do for each other. There are even morale events that brings us all together and uplift us, like luncheons, laser tag, bowling and movie nights.

“It’s very inclusive to everyone, I feel like,” BB says. “There’s always something around the corner that you can be a part of.”

BB believes that the future of the team lies with the community – encouraging and uplifting the community in the support that @XboxSupport and forums can provide, while giving members like Ambassadors the confidence to also bring the community closer together and help each other.

“This is the best job that I’ve ever had, by far,” BB says. “I definitely don’t take for granted all the perks – in terms of the way we’re treated and the other people on the team – and what we’re actually doing at the job.”


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