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Community Choice: Play Oxenfree in the Xbox Community Game Club

The Xbox Community Game Club has been great way for the Ambassadors community to discover their next favorite gameStarting today, the Xbox Community Game Club has a brand-new webpage, which you can read more about here. To celebrate we’re giving Xbox Ambassadors the ability to check it out a week early. Even better, for the first time ever we’re giving an Xbox Ambassador the power to pick the featured game. Read on to see why Pandya Community Champion, picked Oxenfree as this week’s Xbox Community Game Club title. 

What inspired you to play Oxenfree in the first place?

I was looking for something new to play and was browsing Game Pass when I saw Oxenfree and the more I read about it, the more intrigued I became by its dialogue heavy story, its eerie yet whimsical art style and the concept of your choices making a difference to what happened in the present, but also potentially the past as well. 

Why do you think this is a great game to be a part of the Xbox Community Game Club?

This game is a wonderful tale of teen drama, timelines and triangles that provoked a lot of discussion between Mister Taxel, Mister Rezzee & I. We grew to love making our little in jokes, like Is.Leave.Possible?” and also discussing any theories behind it and the choices we had made & why we made them. 

Games like this are excellent for the community, with so many dialogue choices you can make, we will all have a different perspective on what Oxenfree is and it opens the door for many Ambassadors to not only try something new but also have a good discussion with others on what this all means to them, on how their story was impacted. 

Are there any tips you’d give Xbox gamers jumping into Oxenfree for the first time?

This game can be dialogue heavy but the main advice I would give is just enjoy your time on Edwards Island & be sure to explore as much as you can. It isn’t a long game but your choices will have an impact on what happens to these characters. 

Take note of your surroundings and above all else, Beware the Oxenfree. 

Head over to the brand new Xbox Community Game Club webpage to check it out and sign up for your exclusive badge and chance to win big.


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