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Content spotlight: Ambassador guides on Xbox Forums

At the start of Season Seven, we launched a new Xbox Ambassador activity called “Guides.” If you aren’t familiar with Guides yet, here’s a quick rundown of how they work:

  • Ambassadors choose a topic of THEIR choice.
  • They write a comprehensive guide on anything related to Xbox.
  • They post the guide as a new thread on the Xbox Forums using [GUIDE] in the title.
  • They are rewarded with 75 XP.
  • Fellow Xbox gamers have the answers to their questions before they even ask.

So far, Ambassadors have submitted nearly 100 Guides in the Xbox Forums. That’s incredible! Forum Moderators and Staff are always on the lookout for awesome content. When we see something that’s truly great, we stick it to the top of the Forum so that even more people can enjoy the great read and useful information.

While honoring your hard work in the Forums is great and all, we wanted to give “extra credit” to a few Ambassadors who we believe went above and beyond by creating these top-notch Guides.

How to Play Friday the 13th as Jason

Submitted by onyxishere  |  130 Views

In May 2017, Friday the 13th The Game was released with an exciting new feature which allows gamers to play as the notorious killer, Jason Voorhees. However, unlocking the feature does not come easily. Xbox Ambassador, onyxishere, has put together a 10-step Guide, outlining how to play as Jason. Check it out!

Getting Started with Spotify on Xbox One

Submitted by maxen  |  53 Views

Finally! Spotify has been made available across gaming consoles, including Xbox One. With this new ability, comes many questions left unanswered. But no need to worry! Xbox Ambassador, maxen, did all the dirty work for you. Check out this Guide and start jammin’!

Solving System Update Issues on Xbox 360

Submitted by ArminatorX  |  41 Views

Since the launch of Xbox 360 in 2005, there have been many Xbox system updates. These updates are compatible with the console, however, may require some troubleshooting. To make things easier for all Xbox 360 users, Xbox Ambassador, ArminatorX, put together this handy Guide so that you can resolve the issues without having to chat with a support rep.

We love guides.

Thanks to all of the Ambassadors who have submitted Guides. This content has been viewed by countless Xbox users and makes a real impact on the community.

Not much of a writer? Ambassadors can also contribute content via the Video Gallery.


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