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Dealing with Discord rewind: Xbox support’s JR

You might have tuned in to see JR on Mister Discord’s May 24 stream, but just in case you missed it, you can find the duo fighting for survival in “Left 4 Dead 2” here. Interested in getting to know JR as a gamer and tweeter for @XboxSupport instead? Read on!

You met him on Mister Discord’s stream first – JR with @XboxSupport, a valuable player to have with you for a game of “Left 4 Dead 2” – now it’s time to meet the man behind the controller.

JR has been with Xbox Community Support almost a year and states that his favorite part is helping other gamers like himself. “I like the fact that I can help bring a positive view to the team – people can view [Xbox Community Support as a team that] can actually fix something,” says JR. His previous experience with support from a call center, and his love of gaming, drew JR to his current role, where he’s able to marry the two and be among people who enjoy the same things as him.

And when it comes to games, JR is a big fan of anything action/adventure as well as shooters. He lists several titles that stand out as favorites – namely from Rare – while also noting that he genuinely enjoyed “Grabbed by the Ghoulies” and is always looking to meet others who feel the same way about this title he treasures.

While JR easily identifies favorite types of games in terms of mechanics, he’s open to various stories and experiences in gaming. “[I love] the unique storytelling, and the way that different developers bring their twists to the story,” says JR. He recalls playing the Sega game “Shenmue” from 2000 in which part of the game was driving a forklift – and that part, driving the forklift, was actually fun for him.

Asking JR about his gaming history will also reveal his commitment to Xbox: His first Xbox console was the original Xbox console, and one of his first games was “Sega GT 2002.” “The cool thing about the original Xbox [console] was that you could rip CD-audio and use it as background music [for games like Sega GT 2002],” says JR. “So I liked the technology that was built into it – it was about trying something new rather than playing it safe.”

Beyond gaming, JR has a penchant for sports and being a mascot. “I like playing hockey; I haven’t done it in a while, but I really enjoy it when I do,” says JR. “As for ‘mascotting,’ I really enjoy all the different characters that I can [be].” Altogether, JR says that he has probably played at least 15 different characters as a mascot.

Mascotting is a big part of JR’s life now, but his first interaction with being a mascot started accidentally. As a former member of a St. Louis hockey team’s booster club, JR was working on a fundraiser for the ASPCA. “They had an intern come out to do the mascot role for like an hour,” recalls JR. “The intern hated it – absolutely hated it – and found out that there was a news crew coming out later that wanted some video.”

With the chance to have fun and be on TV, JR took the chance to help out the displeased intern and be the mascot himself. Once he was seen on TV, he was asked to do it more often, and the rest is history. “It’s fun because you get to be unique – you basically get paid to be a kid.”

JR was excited to stream for the Ambassadors, due to his respect for what they do. Before streaming, JR praised the sense of camaraderie present in the Program: “It’s all about the community, all about learning from each other… It’s fun, it’s fun to help others out, just as it’s fun to enjoy the community and social aspects of it!”

Just because the stream’s come and gone doesn’t mean JR’s done surviving the onslaught of zombies – not even close. In fact, “Left 4 Dead” has a prominent role in his current rotation of games, which also includes “Rocket League,” “Quantum Break” and the NHL series.


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