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E3 Rewind: Ambassador Memories

We want you to experience the magic of E3 from wherever you are! Whether you’ve been to E3 before, are going for the first time or tuning in from home, you’ve felt the electricity and excitement of one of gaming biggest events. It’s an extraordinary time to be part of the gaming community and fans of Xbox will experience their favorite platform in a new way this year on the Xbox E3 Plaza, at the Mixer Dome and Xbox Fan Fest. 

We asked Xbox Ambassadors to share their favorite memories from past E3 events like the game briefings, the media coverage or walking through the exhibits yourself right from the expo floor.  Here are some of the stories you shared. 

Group of gamers at Xbox FanFest and E3 holding up arms in the shape of an X for Xbox

Experience the magic 

The energy of an expo hall filled with gamers looking on in awe of what they are about to experience feels like magic. 

 Man pulling away at shirt to reveal armor underneath


I remember feeling the energy that echoes through the theater as a development team unveils everything they’ve been working on, it’s truly incredible experience. The amount of dedication and effort they put in for the fans and gamers all around the world is like no other. I loved sharing the experience and passion for gaming and Xbox with other gamers and Xbox Ambassadors at E3 and Xbox Fanfest! 

Drawing of a palm tree with coconutsPalmettoBling  

I was 15 and had no idea what E3 was at the time, but that year, it was hosted in Atlanta, GA and my Dad took me to the open to the public section that had promotions and game demos I’d learned about in a gaming magazine. It was so cool! I had the best day with Dad, playing unreleased games and previewing what was coming out. That experience kicked off my love of testing, seeing unreleased software and planted the seeds for why I love being an Xbox Insider today! 

 Avatar image of a man standing with fists raised and wearing a hat


I was up in Los Angeles for E3 at a Microsoft Store during the Xbox briefing; they showed off the Xbox One X. During the briefing, Ahmad Green walked into the store holding the Xbox One X console. I was so shocked and stoked that I got my hands on one. To hold it and see it as they were announcing it was an amazing experience. I also had the pleasure of meeting fellow Xbox Ambassador XboxInsiderOne at the Design Lab booth. We joined up for E3 the following year! 

 Avatar of the number five shaped like a penguin

F5 Penguin 

It’s 2012, the Pinnacle of my journalism career. I worked hard to finally get invited by Edelmann PR via Xbox to attend their media briefing in the Galen Center. This was before they moved it to the Microsoft Theater. I was granted floor access and sat just four rows away from the stage. I got to witness the ushering in of a new future for Xbox. The fond memories for me were the performances, the emotions, the showcase of new titles and the friends who created everlasting moments during a blip in history that I can reflect on for the rest of my life. 

A woman smiling and wearing glassesEmericagirl24 

During my very first E3 experience, I met some AMAZING fans who I instantly connected with because of our love of gaming on Xbox. Our group was tasked with sailing in Sea of Thieves for my first ever hands on demo of the game where we immediately almost sunk our ship. Getting to run around and figure out how to work together with brand new friends and within a short time limit was so much fun and a great memory I love to look back on while I continue to play Sea of Thieves now!  

Avatar of a women looking right


When I went to E3 in 2018 the energy of getting a pass for the Xbox conference and the excitement of the new release titles with studios joining Xbox for future endeavors was indescribable. On top of that being there live and sharing with family and friends while there was trilling to put it mildly. 

Adventure awaits us 

Thanks for sharing your stories with us. We’re passionate Xbox fans, but above all, we’re passionate gamers who love to share in experiences like E3 together. We share the excitement, the wonder and even the joyful tears as our favorite games, franchises, developers and publishers give us a glimpse of what adventures await us. We look forward to making new memories at E3 2019!


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