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E3 sweepstakes winners have been chosen

There’s no doubt the hype of E3 had gamers on edge, but that excitement certainly presented itself with our Ambassadors as well. Not only were Xbox Ambassadors at the event in big numbers, but they also widely participated in E3 related Missions and Sweepstakes.

The official “Tweetstakes” winner

E3 2017 was a historical event for Xbox. Between showcasing the largest and most diverse lineup of games ever shown on the Xbox stage and unveiling of “The most powerful console,” there’s never been a better time to game on Xbox. We asked our community to Tweet their favorite moments from E3 using #XboxAmbsE3. This “Tweetstakes” gave one lucky participant the chance to walk away with a Special Edition Xbox One controller.

Congratulations to Darth Apache, who showed his love for ID@Xbox in his submission while being backed up by @majornelson and @AceyBongos.

But wait, there’s more…WINNERS

The next round of the E3 Sweepstakes offered three more controllers were up for grabs to all Xbox Ambassadors, including new and existing members. Three Xbox Ambassadors were given a chance to game using a brand spankin’ new Special Edition controller of their choice, just for being part of our community.

Those lucky Ambassadors are: b00blar, RealizeOG, and Master Senpaii. Congrats!

Now, for the moment you’ve all been waiting for

Winning a new controller is awesome in its own right, but everyone’s eyes were undoubtedly on the grand prize, an Xbox One X. When Xbox One X releases on November 7, it will be packing six teraflops of GPU power, 12GB GDDR5 ram and 326 GB/s of memory bandwidth. That is truly a prize worth fighting for.

It’s with great pleasure to announce that the Xbox Ambassador who will walk away with the Xbox One X is Makal15.

Thanks for playing

The E3 Sweepstakes wouldn’t have been a success without the engagement and support from all of our fans. It was a blast sharing the excitement of E3 2017 with the Ambassador community. While the show may be a distant memory, we’re more excited than ever about the future of Xbox, and you, the Xbox Ambassadors are a huge part of that.

Don’t forget, the Ambassador Program continuously runs weekly Sweepstakes and always offers new opportunities for you to win a slew of prizes. Who will the next lucky winners be?


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