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Easy tips for healthy gaming habits

We’re all gamers—whether on a PC, a console, or using a handheld device—gaming is what we’re most passionate about. We spend countless hours a week playing our favorite video games. It’s the life. But, as passionate gamers, we need to make sure we take care of ourselves. That’s why your Xbox Ambassador Team thought to showcase some ways we try to keep it healthy while taking on boss after boss.

Easy as one, two, three

Stretch your body: recent research shows that gamers who regularly stretch tend to have less stress-induced injuries.

Sit up straight

It’s important that you maintain proper posture while you’re slaying bad guys left and right. Many gamers (Miss JSP included) tend to slouch into the couch or their chair once they get laser focus. Something that may be helpful is to find a chair with lumbar support and armrests.

Turn on the lights

While gaming in the dark may make the game scarier, it’s not the best thing for your eyes. The bright colors and changing images force your eyes to work harder when in the dark.

Take a break from the tilt

We know the game is getting good, but it’s also not going anywhere. Take breaks every now and again. Mister Rezzee likes to take a break for five minutes every 30 minutes to an hour. That way, his body, eyes, and mind have some time to relax.

Increase your attributes in person

While your Xbox Ambassador Team is not gaming ergonomic professionals, we do know some of the easiest ways to make your gaming experience a healthier one with the little tips and tricks listed above. As amazing as gaming is, it can take a toll on the body, so we want to make sure that all Ambassadors and Xbox community members at least think about their health a little while gaming.

In the comments below, tell us about your gaming set up and how you make it health-friendly to fit the needs of your gaming habits!

*The Xbox Ambassador Team is not ergonomic professionals or doctors, we can’t offer advice about gaming setups or injuries you may have developed while gaming. If you are concerned about your heath, speak with your doctor.


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