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EnolaCat reflects on PAX South

Each year, gamers eagerly anticipate the opportunity to gather together in convention centers across the globe during what we call Convention Season! We come together in droves to celebrate our favorite game studios, platforms, games, gear, and to preview upcoming titles while also connecting with the friends we’ve made online again or for the very first time.

With the rise of eSports and streaming platforms, we also get the opportunity to meet our favorite influencers and snap a selfie. Last month, I attended PAX South for the first time as a gamer, a Mixer Partner, an Xbox Ambassador, and an Omeganaut, which offered me the opportunity to engage with a lot of people in the span of a four-day weekend. To say I was excited is an understatement.

Welcome to PAX South

The atmosphere at a gaming convention fills me with a sense of belonging that is hard to describe, but as gamers, I think we’ve all felt it at some point. It’s magnetic; everyone is running around at the same frequency and we understand each other perfectly. Once the weekend ends, the feeling eventually fades, but the memories and the friends we’ve made remain and we count the days down on our calendars until the next convention.


I was fortunate enough to spend my weekend participating in the Penny Arcade Omegathon competition, attending panels for my most anticipation games, working the Mixer booth in the Fortnite HypeZone, and streaming from the Partner Lounge. It was a pleasure to not only meet some wonderful members of my community, but the Mixer community at large. Plus, I even got to meet former Ambassador of the Month, XboxInsiderOne!

I caught up with him recently and asked him to share his PAX South story:

“To go to PAX South as an Enforcer was a great experience! I got to host an event as an organizer and see the other side of how many people give their time to help others have fun at PAX! When I wasn’t spending my time enforcing and playing Beat Saber in the VR room, I was running into Ambassadors all over the venue!

I even met a few who recognized me straight away from the Ambassador of the month blog post I was featured in. The best part of my weekend was running into one of our Community Managers. Together we made sure that the community was represented to everyone at PAX South! I can’t wait to see what happens at PAX East and future events! Someone must remind me to bring a pizza costume to the next gathering.” – XboxInsiderOne

enola-cat-with-another-ambassador-smilingAmazing memories

My experience at PAX South brought me fond memories, many selfies, and the best barb-e-que I’ve ever had, in addition to forming strong friendships with several incredible people that I met on Mixer who share my love of content creation and games. Gaming conventions are a place I feel comfortable being my most authentic self; cat ears and all! So, I’m counting the days until the next convention and looking forward to connecting with more Ambassadors and friends. You may just see the Community Manager crew at another PAX soon! 😉


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