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Evolution complete: Microsoft Community forums

We knew this day was coming, and we are excited to announce that the Xbox Forums have completely migrated to the Microsoft Community forums! The Community site is a fantastic and more enhanced forums platform for your ease of use.

Ten years of impact

Forums have been an important part of the Xbox community for more than 10 years, and we love how you all contribute great questions and discussion topics that connect one to another. You show so much passion and have given lots of great feedback and insights to our team along the journey for these forums. As Xbox continues to grow and evolve, our forums need to do the same, and it’s now here.

Welcome to Microsoft Community forums

Much like the current Xbox Forums, the Xbox area of Community offers the same ability to ask questions, chat about games, help each other, and much more with threads and replies and all your favorite forums functionality.

The Community forums is also home to discussions about Windows, Office, Skype, and many other Microsoft products. With Xbox joining the community, you’ll be able to talk about gaming on Xbox consoles, Windows PCs, and mobile devices all in one place! It’s like our own version of cross-play for Microsoft gaming discussions.

“Microsoft Community forums is much better than the other one. I have done several posts on the new forums. The old one is ridiculously slow and sorts terribly. I found Microsoft Community forums makes it easier to browse as well as is much faster which to me is the biggest improvement of all.” –  Genesis1953

Best practices and how to’s

While using the new Microsoft Community forums, here are some helpful practices and how to’s to make your forums experience the best yet.

  • Make sure to sign in using your Microsoft account to the Microsoft Community forums to create new threads and replies, and you’ll even show up as an “Ambassador” when you do.
  • To get to Xbox Forums, navigate to “Categories” at the top left and scroll down to select “Xbox.”
  • Now, Microsoft Community forums has a lot of threads, so to browse different thread options, make sure to use the filter boxes to hone down your search options. There is even advanced filters to narrow down your search even more.

  • The first threads you see under “Featured” are sticky threads that apply to the hierarchy level you choose in the category, topic, and/or topic filter options.
  • Want to start a discussion or ask a question? No problem. Make sure to navigate to “Ask a question” at the top right-hand corner of the webpage and ask away.
  • When you start a new thread, you decide where it appears in the hierarchy and whether it’s a discussion tread or a question. Plus, you have the option to be notified when someone responds to your post.

Easy breezy, right?

The Ambassy

It’s alive! That’s right, you heard us. The Xbox Forums in the Ambassy have fully migrated over, and you’re still able to access a specific forums spot just for Ambassadors, plus access all older forum threads with comments.

To access the Ambassy, sign in to the Community site, then navigate to the “Private Categories” drop down and select “Ambassadors.” Once there, you will see a “Topic” drop down. Those options will look familiar to you. 😉

There’s XP to be unlocked

Like Xbox Forums, you will be able to earn XP while using the Xbox area of the Microsoft Community forums (not other areas like Windows, Office, etc.).

In case you need a refresher, here is the XP scale for forums activities:

  • Receiving an “upvote” on a forums thread: 10 XP
  • Receiving a “verified” forums post: 75 XP
  • Replying to a thread: 10 to 25 XP
  • Creating a gaming guide: 75 XP

Let’s hang out in forums

We want to send out a huge thank you to all Ambassadors who helped provide feedback over the past few months regarding this move. Your feedback was super helpful in making Microsoft Community forums a great location for any and all discussions. Plus, Microsoft Community forums is just a great platform to connect with gamers and Microsoft lovers alike. So, go on! Start using the new Microsoft Community forums and connect with gamers around the globe.


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