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Our favorite gaming memories

Do you remember the time you unwrapped your very first gaming console? How about when you stayed up all night with a group of friends to beat a newly released game? Or how about when gaming with your parents/guardians and siblings became a family tradition? We all have our favorite memories attached to the hobby we share so much passion for. We asked you to share some of your own cherished gaming memories with us, so that we might relive these triumphs together.

Read on to take a trip down memory lane with our amazing community.

Memories about gaming with family

We meet so many people through our gaming experiences, but one of the most important connections happen when it brings you and your family together. Whether it be your siblings, your parents or guardians, your kids, or your extended family that lives miles and miles away—it’s always extra special to be able to play with family.

“My favorite memories of gaming with my sister is when she turns into a mother hen when we play Gears of War Horde mode together. She always has my back with revives and checking if I have enough ammo to last another wave. That’s what sisters are for.” – Miss AshesX

“My favorite gaming moment will forever and always be staying up late in the summer when we had a lot of thunderstorms and taking turns playing Mario64 with my mom and friends.” – Nova Rift

“My favorite memory was watching my son play and do extremely well in Fortnite. It brought a tear to my eye. I love that he loves gaming.” – brandiesel1

“One of my favorite childhood memories is playing Super Mario Bros and Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out on NES at my aunt’s place during family Christmas. Good times!” – BATTLESAND

“My niece and I playing Cuphead together is amazing and is something I hold dear to myself.” – MATRIX118M

“I remember when my dad bought our Atari 2600. He talked about how bad games were, then I caught him playing Pac-Man while on the exercise bike, he was hooked!” – Nixelplex

Memories about gaming with friends

We can all agree that friends make the gaming experience even better. Whether that means helping each other to victory through a long and difficult campaign, or letting your friends know who is boss in the latest competitive release; gaming with friends brings a whole new element to the games we love to play.

“November 9th, 2004. On this day, Halo 2 launched on the original Xbox. The weekends that followed consisted of 16 friends setting up four Xbox consoles and spending nearly every hour of the day yelling down hallways, eating pizza, and making memories none of us would soon forget.” – Rezzee

“Destiny raids on Friday nights because there’s no school on Saturday. Nothing better than getting six friends together and all yelling and laughing at each other while raiding.” – Fue1ed by Fire

“Definitely playing Mario Party with my neighborhood friends when I was about 13. I won an N64 from a radio station and we played that thing for hours on end!” – blueamcat

“As a kid, I wasn’t allowed to have a console, so I played Duck Hunt on NES at my BFF’s house. (I was like the Master Chief of duck hunting!) I still miss those afternoons!” – zatomas

“All my time on Halo 3 with a solid group of friends. Online on the first Red Dead with Msxpress9 was great too. Being able to do it today on RDR2 is fantastic.” – Adv Jones

“17 years ago, my best friend and I bought the OG Xbox together. We played Halo: Combat Evolved in split-screen. It was love at first sight. This is the best gaming memory I have!” – GrayTheNineLive

Memories about epic gaming moments

Mostly everyone who considers themselves a gamer is going to have at least one epic gaming moment—whether that’s finishing a favorite game, beating an especially hard boss or level, or something totally different.

“One of my favorite gaming moments was finishing the main storyline in Skyrim. Seeing the sky in Sovngarde, defeating Alduin, and fulfilling the Prophecy of the Dragonborn was such a feeling of accomplishment and really had me immersed in the lore of the game!” – Mister Taxel

“Getting my first Xbox. Never regretted it. Without this memory, I would have never been able to make more memories playing some incredible games over the years.” – NeoDan123

“A 12-hour multiplayer gaming session in Jedi Knight II: Outcast on PC. Those lobbies were lit. So much fun. And wielding those lightsabers was so satisfying!” – DiabetikGam3r

“I have to say the time I was at the Titanfall launch party in Austin and tweeted to Major Nelson that I was first in line and he should bring me coffee. To my surprise, he came by and gave me a VIP pass to the event!” – Neighborgamer

“Favorite gaming memory was finishing Gears of War 3 with a full party after literal hours of repeating death. We were so worn out and exhausted after the end. It was a moment I will never forget.” – zmaster2xxx

“Completing the Halo 3 Vidmaster Annual achievement for the first time! One of my all-time favorite memories.” – TheLegendary117

Memories about the Xbox Ambassador Program

Xbox Ambassadors are an elite set of gamers passionate about making the Xbox community and platform one of the best places for gamers to play, connect with gamers, and meet new friends. Many of us joined the program looking to reach out and empower the Xbox community that we love by finding ways to influence positive change and impact the community for the good of everyone. We love Xbox and want to enhance the Xbox gaming experience for everyone!

“As an Xbox Ambassador, I got the opportunity to join the team that runs this program I’m incredibly passionate about and since day one, and I’ve been able to start making an impact. My favorite gaming memory so far have been my first death versus the Kraken in Sea of Thieves with the Ambassadors and my crew Mister Rezzee and Dat Killa Demon on stream and participating in the #XboxExtraLife stream marathon for charity.” – EnolaCat

“Teaming up with NorthernZoot and Kiesey while we do our Xbox Playdates Canada weekly streams. Nothing is more fun than gaming away with your good gaming friends.” – JohnnyXeo

My favorite gaming memory is the Xbox Ambassador stream where F5Penguin and the community saw the Xbox Ambassadors channel hit 100k followers. There was just an eruption of joy, pride, and shock. It was a great moment for everyone.” – Pandy Yato

“My trip to Redmond, WA was unforgettable. Getting to meet everyone, streaming together and playing games with even more Ambassadors was the best.” – Secret Asian 29

“My favorite gaming memory was when myself, Choppyseize, Mister Taxel, and Mister Rezzee were playing BF1; it made me so proud.” – TheCosmic1210

Too much fun

Whether you told us about family, friends, epic gaming moments, or time spent here in the Xbox Ambassador Program, we wanted to say thank you for sharing these awesome gaming memories with us. Here is to another great year of gaming!

Want to become an Xbox Ambassador? Make sure to sign up today and start impacting the Xbox community in your own personal way.


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