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Feature preview: “Report feedback” in Project Watchtower

We’re looking to expand upon and better your experience Tweeting as an Xbox Ambassador however we can! With that in mind, Azure, the partner team responsible for creating Project Watchtower, has just rolled out a great new feature for reporting bugs and feedback within the tool. That’s right! From now on, when you receive an error or notice a Tweet’s gone missing in Project Watchtower, you’re only a few clicks away from letting the proper people know what’s going on.

Let’s take a quick tour of how this new feature works and set some guidelines around when to provide feedback within Project Watchtower and when to do so using the “Report a bug” tool standard to the Xbox Ambassadors Program.

Accessing the reporting feature

First up, let’s focus on where you’ll find this feature in Project Watchtower. It’s pretty easy to locate in both mobile and desktop views – though the positioning differs between the two. If you’re using Project Watchtower on a desktop, you’ll access this new reporting feature via a button (similar to the site notifications you see on the Ambassadors website) that appears in the bottom right-hand corner of the browser. It’s a static button (and also set to match your chosen accent color) so it’s pretty hard to miss.

We know that the mobile view of Project Watchtower is also quite popular, as does Azure, so a “Give Feedback” option has been added to the main navigation, beneath the “Bank,” “History,” “Settings” and customization options.


Using the reporting feature

Now that you know where to find this new feature for providing your feedback, let’s focus on how to use it. At first glance, you can probably see that it’s simple to use.

Once you’ve pressed the “Tell us what you think” button from the desktop-view, a panel will fold out that asks a pretty pointed question: “What do you think about Project Watchtower?” From this panel, you can share you experience and tell Azure whether or not you’re satisfied with your experience using the smiley and frowny faces beneath the main text box.

We’d encourage you to reflect a bit on what you want to say – whether you’re reporting a bug, requesting a feature or simply sharing what you like about the tool. The more information our partners at Azure receive, the more they can expand upon Project Watchtower using your feedback.

Since the goal is to gather detailed reports, you might notice an error message that’s been built into the reporting feature. This (pictured below) will only pop up if you click the “Send” button without completing the satisfaction section.


When to use the Project Watchtower reporting feature

We want to make sure this tool is effective, but we get that it might be a bit confusing to know when to provide a report in Project Watchtower and when to use the Program’s “Report a bug” tool. Here’s some questions you can ask yourself that should help in making that decision:

  • Am I looking to share my specific experience with Project Watchtower, including general sentiment as well as suggestions for improvement? Then follow the steps outlined above to share that information with the Azure team.
  • Are my Twitter Activities not appearing on my Ambassador Profile or counting toward Mission progress? Then reach out the Ambassadors Team using the “Report a bug” tool.
  • Is my idea related to how Twitter Activities can be used by the Ambassadors Program in new and exciting ways? Then share your idea at feedback.xbox.com within the “Xbox Ambassadors” category.

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