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Feature preview: support chat customization

We want you to feel like you’re able to express yourselves as individuals and Ambassadors so we’ve been working hard on a new feature for Support Chat. This latest tweak allows you to choose whether or not you’d like to share your Gamerpic and Gamertag with Helpees.

The option to share this information is on a chat-by-chat basis – so you can make that determination based on the question you’re answering or how you’re feeling on a particular day. Essentially, you’re welcome to try it out. Or not. Whatever’s best for you!

Here’s the pop-up you’ll see for now when starting a Support Chat conversation:

We’ve made it just as easy to choose whether you’d like to share your Gamertag or not – though you will need to press “I Agree” if you choose to share. It’s also important to note that Xbox fans submitting questions to the Bank can also choose whether or not to display their custom information.

And here’s what Support Chat will look like in Desktop and Tablet views if you choose to share your Gamertag and Gamerpic:


A couple of important things to call out:

  • This feature requires the latest version of Support Chat, so be sure the tool is displaying v3.0.7.4. If that’s not the version shown on your screen, we’d recommend you clear cache and give it another try.
  • Chat Customization is not currently available on Mobile devices.

We hope you enjoy the added layer of personalization as you go about helping fellow Xbox fans in Support Chat!


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