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Feature walkthrough: Missions page revamp

We let you know it was on its way at the start of Season Three, and now we’re finally ready to unveil it: The new and improved Missions Page is here! This update is the result of weeks of hard work from the Redmond Ambassadors Team and the Program’s Dev Team, but more pointedly, this feature was brought to life by you, Ambassadors – from early Program feedback to Alphas testing early versions of the redesign.

Let’s take a minute to walk you through the final product now that it’s moved from concept to a click away!

  • Quickly access Missions from the main page! Familiar Missions, like for Daily and Monthly Support, are readily viewable and now include vibrant headers to brighten up your page visits.


  • Select a Mission to view full details as well as individual Progress bars! Learn the nitty gritty and see how close to completing independent and dependent Missions you are.
  • Missions are sorted by Active, Available and Completed! Determine with a glance whether you’ve accepted a Mission or already completed the specified objectives.

  • Keep up with your Mission completion history! Keep a close eye on the Missions you’re completing over time so you have a full understanding of what you’ve been up to with the Xbox Ambassadors Program.

We hope you enjoy the Missions Page Revamp as much as we’ve enjoyed implementing it, and as always, we’re open to what you think if you’d like to post in the Xbox Forums or on Xbox Feedback.




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