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First 30 days of Season 15

Hello, Ambassadors—and welcome to Season 15! The last year has been a wild ride, and we’re so thankful for those of you who are still here with us. We shared our new mission and worked hard to update and diversify activities Ambassadors can participate in. We’ve grown as a community and we could not be more excited for what the future has in store.

The Xbox Ambassadors team is focused on quality. We are committed to ensuring that you, the Ambassadors, have the best experience possible when participating in Ambassador activities. Furthermore, we want to make sure that your fellow gamers also have positive experiences when connecting with Ambassadors. Read on to learn how we plan to continue making this a quality program.

Newly introduced Forums Missions

The new Forums Missions are live! Four new quizzes will be featured in the Forums Starter Mission. The following quizzes are designed to provide you with the ins and outs of participating in Forum activities. Additionally, these quizzes will help improve your Forums experience as well as help you provide a better experience for others.

snapshot of the forums starter mission

In order to have an Xbox Ambassador badge on the Xbox Forums and unlock XP for Forums activities, you must complete the Forums Starter Mission by July 15.

To begin the mission, visit the Missions page. For more information, check out the original blog post.

Feedback Tracker + Rewards Mega Thread

Since the Xbox Ambassador Forums will not be visible to Ambassadors who do not complete the Forums Starter Missions, we are moving the Feedback Tracker and the Rewards Mega Thread to the Xbox Ambassadors Discord server. If you are not currently a member of the Discord sever, visit the Community page to access the private link.

Unlocking XP in the Video Gallery

Starting this season, you’ll be seeing some changes to the way XP is awarded within the Video Gallery. The intent of the video gallery is to give Xbox Ambassadors a place to share great gaming content they have created or found. From there, the Xbox Ambassadors Team can sort and promote content through other channels (Twitter, YouTube playlists, Xbox Activity Feed, etc.).

To put more emphasis on quality content, we’ve reduced the daily limit of video submission XP to 50. This means only two videos submitted a day will be counted. For any content you submit that we promote, you will be rewarded an additional 50 XP, which we believe will bring value to finding awesome content created within the community. Finally, we have capped daily upvote/downvote XP to 10 interactions per day to balance the amount of content that can now be submitted.

For a full view of the Video Gallery XP limits, please reference the Handbook.

Update to website navigation

We have been receiving an overwhelming amount of feedback from new Ambassadors that upon joining the program, they are unsure of what to do next. We’ve also heard that the website offers so many places to go and things to do, that it its unclear how to be an Ambassador.

In an effort to reduce confusion and better point new Ambassadors in the right direction, we are making an update to the main navigation bar of the website. We are removing the “Activities” drop down and adding a single button for “Missions.”

view of the main website navigation bar

To navigate to Responder, Forums, Academy, and Video Gallery, head to the Handbook for the links and bookmark them for easy access. Additionally, Mission checkpoints now hyperlink to these pages and experiences for an even more streamlined path to completing Missions.

New courses in the Academy

To better reflect the mission of Xbox Ambassadors—making Xbox fun for everyone, we’ve updated the courses in the Academy. For now, we’re starting with an Accessibility course, giving Ambassadors the tools and information you need to be experts in the space.

accessibility course in the academy

Over time, you’ll see other specialized courses popping up in the Academy. Ready to get an Accessibility pin for your Ambassadors profile? Head on over and get your honors!


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