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First 30 Days of Season 20

“X” marks the spot

We began this year with the Season of Stamina. 2020 has certainly tested my energy levels but being in a great community of gamers has helped keep me going. A community of gamers who would make others think every day is a day in the Season of Charisma. Last season, we chose the final attribute for our seasonal theme: Willpower. Xbox Ambassadors have shown incredible willpower throughout this year, overcoming just about every curveball and hurdle the universe threw our way.

Cartoonized purple flower growing from thorns.

Like the flower blooming in adversity, Xbox Ambassadors show their Willpower everyday.

So, grab your potion bottles and harpsLet’s keep growing despite any hardships and challenges. For this last season of 2020, our theme is Treasure and “X” marks the spot!

Speaking of treasure, let’s talk rewards

Xbox Ambassadors, you continue to wow us. We saw record numbers for both Platinum and Diamond Tiers in Season 19. That. Is. INCREDIBLE! Keep this up and we are going to have to make more tiers! Just kidding. But we are going to make some changes to our rewards.

First, Gold Tier will now award 75 sweepstakes tickets. As with past seasons, once you unlock Gold Tier, these tickets will be rewarded automatically.

Second, we will be awarding 125 sweepstakes tickets for Platinum Tier. Like Gold Tier, the tickets will be added to your profile upon unlocking that tier.

Third, and most excitingly, when you unlock Diamond Tier, you will be rewarded with 1-month of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate! The code will be redeemable after the end of the season.

We are seriously super impressed by all of you. Don’t stop being awesome, guys.

On the subject of rewards, we have also updated our Rewards and Sweepstakes Terms of Use. As of October 1, 2020, continuation in the Xbox Ambassadors indicates that you agree to follow our updated Terms of Use. There is now a link to our Sweepstakes Terms of Use and our Rewards Terms of Use pages. Please take the time to read through these.

Inktober challenge

For the first month of Season 20, we will be doing an Xbox Ambassadors Inktober challenge! No matter what your artistic skill, join us and share your artwork with #XAInktober and #XboxAmbsCreate on social media. For a chance to be featured, tag us.

A list of the XA ink tober challenge.


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