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First 30 Days of Season 21

Welcome to Season 21, I mean 2021, I mean whoa

We have made it to the golden season of 21 in the year 2021. Yes, that’s right, Ambassadors. Years ago, when we first began, someone had an idea to do a Beta season—all so that when Season 21 happened, it and the stars would align with the New Year 2021. I’m not saying it was Phil Spencer (but I’m also not saying it wasn’t). 

With a new season and a new year comes lots of other new things! For starters, LFG Missions now track automatically. Thank you so much to every Ambassador who participated in our trial LFG’s and gave feedback to us. Please check out our video on how to complete an LFG Mission for more information on how it works. 

We will also be starting a new seasonal theme: character archetypes. Our first one will be The Dreamer. A dreamer is “mentally flexible” and has a “vivid, endless imagination” to list a couple traits (Archetypes.com). Also, if you have not seen the Xbox Series X|S Power Your Dreams videos, you should definitely check them out! These are my favorite: Lucid Odyssey by Taika Waititi and Made From Dreams.

Black banner with stenciled clouds with the text XA The Dreamer 21

Season 21’s Theme is The Dreamer

Hindsight is 2020

Yes! I have been waiting since 2019 to use that pun. No shame (don’t @ me). We already looked back at some of the amazing things Ambassadors did last year, but over the past 30 days, I realized there was a LOT more that you all did. 

Remember July? It was certainly a different sort of summer (or winter, for folks in the southern hemisphere). But I loved seeing our community come together for the Xbox Ambassadors Summer Party. What a blast! Getting to try out so many new game demos right from my own console. And not only that, it was awesome to switch over to the XA Discord and see what everyone else was playing.

XA Summer Party banner with 4 cartoon characters in battle poses

Something else that made the Summer Party and other virtual gatherings (like our playdates) more engaging was the Good Game/GG, Follower, and Friending missions. Prior to having these missions go live, there was some guesses as to how social Xbox Ambassadors are. Let me tell you, our guestimates came nowhere near to how friendly and outgoing you all can be. Keep up the positivity in 2021!

And remember, those missions aren’t the only way Ambassadors can engage with others. We also started our Contribute to the Conversation missions last year. If I could get away with it, I would upvote every single comment—seriously, the stories and ideas shared are incredibly moving and powerful. (Except for that person who just posts “Hi.” No +1 for you, but I want to say: hello, I see you.)

Special Mentions

Our community, the missions, the website, all have many amazing people working to make everything work smoothly. 

Thank you, Community Champions, for your time and dedication to every gamer. The feedback you share, the advice you give to your fellow Ambassadors, and the energy you bring to this group is fantastic! 

Thank you, XA Playhosts, for all your creativity and the hours of superb gameplay. We love seeing your content and the streams you host inspire other Ambassadors. You rock! 

Thank you, moderators. Whether you moderated the XA Club on Xbox, our Discord, or the forums in 2020, we appreciate you. It can sometimes feel like a thankless task, but without you, our social spaces would be like… what’s one away 4Chan? 3Chan? 

Thank you to our Community Managers and social media gurusMisterTaxelMissAshesXBlueTigerFifthpawyou guys are amazing. And, on top of everything we see, you all do so much more work that goes on behind the scenes. 

While we are thanking people on the team, here is a shout-out to the talented project managers, engineers and devs, and artists. They keep our website and missions looking good and running smoothly.

And finally, THANK YOU! Yes, you, person reading this. Not just for reading this far—though that certainly makes me feel good—we all want to thank you all for your participation and feedback throughout 2020.


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