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First 30 days—welcome to 2019

New year, new season, and a world of possibilities. As always, our community is the reason why we keep pushing forward and why each season gets better and better. Xbox Ambassadors are the leading force in ensuring every single gamer has the best time while on the Xbox ecosystem because, well, that’s our mission—to make gaming fun for everyone.  

As we kick off Season 13, we want to announce some awesome new changes for the season, with our team, and other fun goodies for you and your fellow Xbox Ambassadors.  

Updates for the first 30 days 

New social media kit assets: that’s right, you heard us right, we’ve added more assets to the social media kit to kick start Season 13 so that you can show off your Ambassador status in more colorful ways. Pretty neat, right? We thought so, but don’t worry, there will be more options as the seasons go on. So, when there are additions, we will be sure to let you know. What’re you waiting for, go check out the new social assets—visit the handbook. 😉  

Xbox Ambassador Twitter Banner

ACEs are now called Community Managers: The Ambassador Community Experts (ACEs) are an amazing part of our program, but we’ve received some feedback that the term “ACE” is a tad confusing to new Ambassadors who join the program. So, after a lot of thought, the Xbox Ambassador Team is excited to announce that the ACEs will now be called Community Managers (CMs).  

Don’t know who your CM is?! That’s okay—check out our blog that introduces you to them and make sure to reach out to them on Discord, Twitter, and Xbox Live.

Tier XP changes for Season 13: Big news to share! Tier XP levels have changed for Season 13. Why, you ask? To give more Ambassadors a greater chance of unlocking tier rewards. We want to ensure all Ambassadors have the same chance to climb the tiers and reap the rewards of our awesome program? Check out the “seasons and tiers” section of the handbook to learn more. As always, the tiers are subject to change every season, so if they change again for Season 14, we will let you know.  

Missions for the Xbox Ambassadors Club: In the coming weeks, you may see new missions and video gallery missions that are around the greatness of not only clubs on the Xbox One, but the Xbox Ambassadors Club. Some of which you may have already seen, like the “Welcome new club members” mission. Well, a few more will be coming, including:  

  • “Clubs are fun” video gallery mission  
  • “Chat with other club members” mission  
  • “Befriend more members” mission  
  • “Play games with other club members” mission  

As you know, the Xbox Ambassador Team hit refresh on the Xbox Ambassadors Club. This means we are still looking for new and effective ways for new Xbox gamers to engage with the club and Ambassadors. The goal for the Xbox Ambassadors Club is to create a welcoming and positive experience for new Xbox gamers. We want the club to be a great first step in the new gamer’s journey, not only when it comes to using their console, but also connecting with the Xbox community, and of course, that starts with you! So, make your mark on the club and unlock some XP and sweepstakes tickets while you’re at it.  

Season 13 rewards mega thread: For Season 13, please keep using the rewards mega thread on the forums. The fabulous Sconnie will continue to update the thread when needed during the season. Thanks, Sconnie!

More updates to come 

We will keep the updates coming for the things we have updates on, but for now, we hope you’re excited for Season 13 and all that’s to come. So, unlock that XP, climb the leaderboard, and keep building and making long-lasting connections with fellow Ambassadors and other Xbox community members.  


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