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Frequently Asked Questions: Responder

Need some information on Responder or are you just curious about what the common questions are? We’ve gathered them up and have answers for you! Read on to see which questions get asked the most by Ambassadors who are just starting up on Responder.

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Q: What is Responder?
A: Responder is a platform that allows you to connect with other people tweeting at @XboxSupport. It does this by collecting tweets that contains the @XboxSupport handle and puts them in one easy place for Ambassadors to find.

Q: How do I access Responder?
A: You can access Responder from the Missions page or from the Missions section of the Handbook. Don’t forget to bookmark it!

picture of mission cube and handbook page showing where link is

Q: How does Responder work?
A: Many people tweet at Xbox Support with questions about their Xbox, game, or service. Once you’ve connected your Twitter account to Responder, you will be able to see tweets that contain the @XboxSupport handle. From there, you can select available conversations and engage with the person tweeting to share your Xbox expertise.

Responder user interface

Q: How do I connect my Twitter account to Responder?
A: There’s a blog written in detail on how to do so! You can check out how to connect your Twitter account to Responder here.

Q: How do I get XP from using Responder?
A: To get XP while using Responder, you must complete a mission that has Responder as an activity. You can find your active missions on your Missions Page.

Q: Why am I not seeing any conversations?
A: Depending on the time of day and how many Ambassadors are in Responder, there may be a low number of conversations available in the queue. The queue will auto-update with new conversations as more tweets come in.

Q: How do I end a conversation?
A: When you are ready to close the conversation, you can close it on Responder by clicking the “X” on the top right of the screen and then the ”Confirm” button when asked if you are sure you want to exit.

Confirm message box

Q: How long should a conversation stay open?
A: If the conversation has not ended yet, or the person has not yet responded, you may want to leave the conversation open for at least 3-4 hours before closing it. This will give the person time to respond if they are not available for a live conversation.

Q: How long before a conversation closes on its own?
A: If you leave a conversation open, it will automatically close on its own after 24 hours. You will not receive XP if a conversation automatically closes.

Q: How do I remove macros?
A: This is currently in the backlog! At the moment, you cannot remove the macros you create.

Q: Why are my replies disappearing? What do I do?
A: Replies occasionally disappear after you tweet using Responder. This may be because the person who tweeted has their account set to private so you’re unable to tweet them. If that is not the case and your tweet disappears, you can submit a bug report. The link to submit a bug is also available at the bottom of every page on the Xbox Ambassadors website.

Green rectangle with a bug on it

For more information, check out the Responder section of the Handbook. Still have questions? You can reach out in the #ambassador_help channel of our Discord!


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