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As gamers, we spend an average of 6+ hours a week online playing video games with people from all over the world. We make new connections each time we log in, form bonds over our favorite gaming experiences, and develop new friendships with each other through our love of video games. Xbox Ambassadors are no exception. 

Xbox Ambassadors-Bowski, Scratch, Kiesey and NorthernZoot

You got a friend in me 

We asked Ambassadors to share stories about friendships forged through gaming:


F5 Penguin

My guy Tiddus. I’ve known him for 6 years through EA Sports NHL. He’s now one of my best friends and has had my back through some crazy times. 



“I’ve met so many wonderful people through Xbox and it’s Twitter community. XboxGuss and I have been talking for the past year and he has become a close member of my family. We live half a world apart, but distance is the only thing separating our friendship. He’s my brother.” 


Diabolic Jester

“I met BlondiebutGeeky, XxPaul1708Xx, Its_LCGamingSkeeterQuill and Karma through the #XboxAmbassadors while looking for fellow Destiny players to run a raid with. Spent many countless nights trying (and failing) to beat said raids. They are some of my closest friends.”  

Forging bonds with fellow Xbox Ambassadors 

You shared your memories building friendships with other Ambassadors:



I met Bowski, Scratch and NorthernZoot through the #XboxAmbassadors and they are now some of my best friends IRL and some of my favorite people to game with. Love these guys.”


ItsLC Gaming

Here are just a few people I’ve shared great times with as #XboxAmbassadors. Chasing chicken dinners with Choppyseize. Sailing the seas with PandyYato, playing rocket league with Maxen and GTDex and playing Destiny with XxPaul1708Xx.”


shadow of arman

It is impossible to talk about all the stories behind the friends I’ve made along the way as an #XboxAmbassador, but the most notable one is how SecretAsian29 and @bobyevil turned the worst summer of my life to one of the best and helped me through a really tough time! 

We’re passionate gamers, Xbox Ambassadors, and—best of all—we’re friends. Our love of video games and the Xbox community brought us together. We’ll keep unlocking achievements together and crushing friendship goals while making the Xbox community an inclusive place to play and gaming on Xbox an awesome experience for everyone! 


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