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From Miss JSP

Well, Ambassadors. It’s been one year since I joined the Xbox Ambassadors Team, and all I can say is wow. I wanted to take this time to write to you and share some of my sentiment about the time I’ve spent with you all.

A year of learning

On Jan. 2, 2018, I walked into a world I was not prepared for, and not prepared for in the best ways possible. For the first time in my life I walked into a world where I was able to combine some of my greatest passions—creative writing and gaming—into one world. As a gamer, I knew how passionate gamers could be, but I myself didn’t dive deep into the passions some of my fellow gamers have. You have taught me how passionate gamers can be—how hard they fight for fellow community members, for games, for developers and publishers, and ultimately, doing the right thing for the community.

I had to relearn what it meant to be a gamer and what makes being a gamer so special. That’s right, we’re all super duper special! Gaming is amazing, it’s fulfilling to unlock trophies and achievements while slaying enemies, but you all continuously remind me that it’s way more than that. What makes gaming so special and impactful is the people who are working alongside you—whether down the road or in another country, gaming is what binds us together. I’ve learned so much and that knowledge has come from you.

It’s been one year since Xbox Ambassadors Team member, Miss JSP, joined the team. Check out a special note she wrote to the Xbox Ambassadors.

Miss JSP with Xbox Ambassador, Secret Asian 29.

Looking ahead

I wanted to take this time to thank you. Your voices have taught me more than I could have ever imaged about communities, gaming, and conversations, and I keep learning every day. I’m happy to have spent this time with you and I’m excited for the time we have to come.

As a gamer, an Xbox Ambassadors Team member, and as a community member, I will always continue to ensure communications from me are clear, have value (even though this blog post is something silly and special), and will work hard to make sure your voice is heard. I will keep working hard for you and our community—that’s my promise.

If you ever want to connect with me to chat, share blog ideas, or silly social media challenges, send me a Discord DM! I’m always online, just invisible sometimes. Thanks for the great year and here’s to a second one! Cheers.


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