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Games that build gaming relationships

Every single day we’re connecting to thousands of other gamers worldwide when we play on our favorite platforms and games. These other gamers become our acquaintances, then added to our friends list, then sometimes these gamers become actual real friends who we trust, love, and value.

So, we want to know what best games you and your fellow Ambassadors think are great for building relationships. We heard a lot of brilliant stories.

Here it from your fellow Ambassadors


I tend to build friendships around specific games. These games then become part of my personal community and sometimes spread to others, creating an even bigger community and more importantly, family. As a variety streamer on Mixer, I have a few games that I have introduced and firmly ensconced in my community. Friday the 13th was the first game that I started to build into my community. It led to a huge amount of growth which gave me the confidence to keep introducing new games. From those days I met a lot of great streamers and viewers who have long since become close and great friends. Due to the positive reception, it pushed me into introducing one of my favorite games, SMITE, into my repertoire, and it has been the biggest proponent of community for me. It has gotten people into playing the game and wanting to learn more about MOBAs and has led many of them to joining my Discord community to discuss all aspects of the game. I am constantly in awe of the community and friendships I’ve built based from gaming!



I have created great friendships through competitive sports games, like Madden Ultimate Team, I have a team of three of us that play squad battles every night. Also, within the Xbox Ambassador Program, I would have to say my ACE, Mister Taxel, is a good friend—we’ve gotten to know each other pretty well. I’d like the chance to play more games with him!



For me Crackdown was a great friend building game. I have lots of people on my friends list still that I made during that game. We were pretty much just helping random people, throwing them in their cars through stunt rings for achievements—it was brilliant fun! I just loved that game, and I enjoyed the second one, too! Plus, the third one is going to be awesome, I can’t wait.



The time I spent playing Dark Souls III with Miss JSP and my brother-in-law, Chris, I’ll never forget all the fun! Such amazing times together with them. So many laughs and tears and stories of great success. Also, more recently, I’ve had the chance to get to know Secret Asian 29 and Shadow Of Arman. They are now some of the closest friends I have and, regardless of time zones, we always find time to play Destiny 2 together and we just have the greatest time, laughing and enjoying each other’s company, talking about anything and everything, using the game more as a place to gather and be friends than anything else.


Pandy Yato

There are many communities you a form, there are some in the Ambassadors that I love and cherish through gaming; however, there is a community that until now, I have kept quite hidden for they are precious to me, but circumstance kept us apart. My FFXIV FC Starbound. We are all our own classes, our own people, and yet are together, not just to complete content and push ourselves higher, but to be a family. They held my hand when I was first scared to be a single mother. They gave me strength when I felt I had none and helped me see that the real world could be as beautiful as our online home again. It is hard to describe to those who don’t game, but there can never be enough words to thank them for what they have done for me. I will never truly be able to accurately say to them that they gave me a family that I needed and that the love I have for them is very real and (Warrior class) strong. We aren’t the most hardcore, we are Starbound, and we will reach the stars together or not at all.



One of the greatest friendships I gained was through the Xbox Ambassador Program—BlondiebutGeeky came in to help me moderate my Ambassador stream and we have become good friends and talk almost daily now. I truly am thankful for her friendship and that probably would not have been possible without the Ambassador stream. When part of the Xbox Ambassador Program, you not only connect to gamers, but you can make great lifelong friends. BlondiebutGeeky and I love playing Gears of War, Destiny 2, and Black Ops 4 together.

Share your stories

We know there are a ton of different games out there that do wonders building relationships. Plus, it’s also different for every single community. Sometimes the most toxic gaming community can be the play where you find the best of friends, and that’s what counts the most.

Share your favorite games that have built awesome relationships for you in the comments below.


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